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A difficult decision: Closing MyBodyModel

I’ve made the difficult decision to close MyBodyModel on December 15 of this year.

MyBodyModel has been a true community effort since our beginning five years ago. The technology we created is an amazing tool that has transformed the way thousands of people view their bodies and their clothes. My hope is for as many people as possible to have the opportunity to use our innovative website software while it’s still available.

The site will be available through December 15, 2022 at midnight Eastern Time.

If you haven’t created your MyBodyModel yet, remember it’s FREE to enter your measurements in the website and create a preview, so give it a try before it’s gone!

If you want your own MyBodyModel croquis and printable/digital fashion sketchbook, it’s not too late!

  • Enter promo code THANKYOU20 for 20% off.
  • Purchased files must be downloaded by December 15.
  • Unspent Credits must be spent by December 15. Any unspent Credits will expire.

I’m so proud of what we built and the number of people that we’ve impacted. It’s been an incredible journey, and I am so thankful to everyone who has been a part of it. We’ll be counting down to December with a celebration of five years of body diversity and body-positive design with MyBodyModel, including special giveaways and discounts.

Please join us!

5 thoughts on “A difficult decision: Closing MyBodyModel”

  1. Have you thought about selling this idea to weight watchers? or some doctor who is doing bariatric surgery?… I just did my model -and I’m fairly convinced that I need to lose weight. I am sad – this visual will be gone before I’m done and I wont be able to make a visual to compare my before and after – nor my progress.
    Just sayin… its a pretty cool idea – even for the people who are not sewing/knitting… just to be able to really see what you look like…

    1. Bariatric surgery is so extremely dangerous and so are diets (including weight watchers). Diets don’t work, or everyone would be thin. Bariatric surgery leaves a person unable to absorb nutrients and people become basically become ill for the sake of thinness. This anger is not geared toward you, but the fact that diet culture has made you feel this way and collectively tricked so many of us. I hope you can realize you’re body is not the problem and it never has been. I still mourn the idea of what my body and life would be like if I never dabbled with diets. You should read some articles from this site if you’re interested.

  2. My Body Model has been a life changer for me in how I view my body and how to sew for myself. I am so sad to hear it is closing down. Erica, I am grateful to you and the amazing technology you developed.

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