MyBodyModel Fall Sewing Queue Sketches by Angelica 1

My Fall Sewing Queue, by Angelica

I just started getting into sewing this year, and I’m so excited to have MyBodyModel to plan my fall wardrobe! I’m an incredibly methodical and organized person who also has what I like to call “Shiny Object Syndrome” – I am so quick to jump to the coolest and newest sewing pattern and forget about everything else I originally planned on sewing.


I also decided to keep my sewing projects manageable by committing to 1 outfit per month. Like most of us, since I work full-time during the week my time to sew is in the evenings or on the weekends. Even then, my sewing time can be slim because of making time for my family, self-care, and my other creative endeavors like knitting and crochet. I’m sure you can all relate!

MyBodyModel Fall Sewing Queue Sketches by Angelica 8 models layout

I love using the 8 croquis template because it allows me to sketch multiple outfits along with the front and back views of each outfit. I had to get creative since MyBodyModel doesn’t offer back views yet, so I work around it by stopping my sketch at the ankle and draw in the back of heels along with the back of my head.


I also use the full-page croquis so I can make more detailed notes on the pattern, fabric I plan on using, and any modifications. It’s extra helpful when self-drafting or creating something like a costume that has a lot of different elements. I love the extra space to make notes on my projects!

MyBodyModel Fall Sewing Queue Sketches 1 croquis template by Angelica


My fall sewing queue features 4 outfits:

MyBodyModel Sewing Sketch Rowan Bodysuit and Jenna SkirtSeptember – V-Neck Rowan Bodysuit by Megan Nielsen Patterns and the Jenna Skirt by Seamwork


MyBodyModel Costume Sketch Shae from GOT by AngelicaOctober – Self-drafted handmaiden dress inspired by Shae from Game of Thrones (my Halloween costume and outfit for future Renaissance faires)


MyBodyModel Sewing Sketch of DIY Cape by Merricks ArtNovember – DIY Cape by Merrick’s Art


MyBodyModel Sketch of Seamwork York TopDecember – the York Top by Seamwork


Aside from these 4 outfits, I also have a knitting project which is the Bedford Sweater by Michelle Wang and an ongoing project to create the Sutton Blouse by True Bias in a variety of different colors.

MyBodyModel Sketch Sutton Blouse and Bedford Sweater


When I came across MyBodyModel I knew immediately that I had to pair it with Seamwork’s Design Your Wardrobe Collection Planner. It’s such a great resource to plan your wardrobe! Since I’m also trying to create a capsule-style wardrobe, I knew this planner and sketching with my croquis would keep me on the right path and manage my “Shiny Object Syndrome” but give me the freedom and flexibility to shift my plans around as I see fit.


I plan out my sewing queue by using the Project Plan page in the Seamwork Collection Planner. I fill out a project plan for each pattern and include sketches and swatches. I take this with me when I’m out shopping for supplies, which is helpful and it keeps me on track so I know what I already have at home or what I need to buy. I am notorious for forgetting what I already have at home and buying extra supplies! I have so much elastic in my stash because of this – oops!


MyBodyModel Fall Sewing Queue DYW Project Plan by Angelica
My project plan for the Seamwork Jenna Skirt.


MyBodyModel Fall Sewing Queue Sketches by Angelica 2
My project plan for the True Bias Sutton Blouse.


Once I have all my supplies and plan all laid out and ready, I get to sewing! My main focus this fall is to be patient and take my time with my garments. I have always had the mentality that I can’t sleep until the job is done, but I learned the hard way that this can lead to a lot of burnout and mistakes. Anyone else have that cross-eyed feeling after many hours of sewing? I’m learning to spread out my sewing over days and sometimes over weeks to keep things manageable.


I can’t wait to share my fall outfits once they are complete! I’d love to see how you all plan your sewing each season. This community is awesome and I love to be inspired by and learn from you all.


MyBodyModel Sewing Sketches with Sewing Machine and Fabric Swatches

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