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About the MyBodyModel App Team including Founder, Erica Schmitz, our Tech Advisor, Amy Herzog and our Team of Testers. The MyBodyModel app creates body positive sketch outlines of your body, custom croquis made to your measurements. Use your body model sketch templates for body positive DIY fashion sketching and sewing. knitting, and wardrobe planning.
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At MyBodyModel™ we create body-positive fashion design tools for real human bodies. Not those 9-to-10 head-lengths tall figures that are used in traditional fashion illustration! We designed the MyBodyModel™ web app to make realistic fashion croquis (sketch templates) to your body measurements. Because every body is different. And every body is beautiful.

Erica Schmitz

Erica Schmitz


Erica is an obsessed garment sewist who was frustrated by available fashion sketch templates, and decided to do something about it. In 2017 she led a successful Kickstarter campaign to build the MyBodyModel app. Erica’s personal mission is to change our social norms and expectations of what our bodies “should” look like. She’s been interviewed for Love to Sew PodcastSeamworkSew News and While She Naps. Erica worked in nonprofit management and consulting for 20 years before starting MyBodyModel. She lives in Portland, Maine, with her husband and daughter.

Amy Herzog


Amy has been knitting and tech-crazed since she was a kid. She worked in computer security for 15 years before founding a knitting tech start-up. She’s the creator of the CustomFit sweater pattern generator and knitting calculators, and is the author of Knit to Flatter and Knit Wear Love, and You Can Knit That. She’s been on tv and teaches classes online at Craftsy. Amy lives in Connecticut with a bunch of boys, cats, and wool.

Meet the Testing Team

MyBodyModel’s gorgeous and talented testing team includes garment makers and designers who sew, knit, or both! Listed alphabetically:


“I love my croquis from MyBodyModel! They look more me than any croquis out there and that means that I can do some sketching and envision how a pattern would really look on my body type before I make a muslin. I love using croquis to plan out ideas far ahead of time so that I can come back to them when I am ready to sew. It means I never lose the spark inspiration and can immediately get my ideas on to paper or digital sketch.``

Andie W.


``My custom croquis is so amazing. I really can’t believe how closely it matches my frame. I’m 5’11” but carry my height in different proportions to other people my height. I love that it has proportions that actually match mine. As a tall sewist, I try to take every opportunity to remind people that there is no true “average” size. We all have to adjust sewing patterns to match our bodies. And the same is true for croquis.``



“I think my custom croquis is fabulous! It looks just like me! I’m very curvy so finding a croquis that looked like me was hard to come by. MyBodyModel solved that problem and I now look forward to project planning my upcoming makes.
“MyBodyModel custom croquis will be helpful to makers because it gives us all a realistic look at what our project will be.”

Brittany J. Jones


“MyBodyModel will make it easier for makers to see if a certain style will look good on their body. Knee-length pencil skirt or midi skirt? I hope to make more pants and tops this year and having a custom croquis will make it fun and easy to experiment with pant lengths and widths as well as different top styles. I can experiment with sleeve lengths on paper before I cut anything out.”





``Our bodies come in all sorts of beautiful shapes and sizes so our croquis should too!
As a designer, I'm excited to be able to build a set of croquis that span the size range of my patterns so that I can easily sketch my ideas in a way that will represent a broad swath of my customers, not just those that look like a single, standard croquis.``

Erin Weisbart


``I think there is a real need for this exact tool in our community. We love to plan our makes and spend time dreaming of all the projects we want to create, and sketching things is a key part of my sewing practice. Why sketch on a figure that doesn’t look like us when we are making clothes that perfectly fit our bodies? We should be sketching on models that represent us and that, in turn, will help us all to feel more empowered in our making.``

Helen Wilkinson


“It looks like me! I recognize the shape, and with the addition of hair and clothing, it's definitely me. I love it. I design knitting patterns and strive to create designs that flatter a range of body types. One way to do that is to use croquis in a wide range of body types and sizes. I love the idea of being able to create a range of croquis based on real measurements and bodies, as opposed to averages.``

Kim McBrien Evans




“ My croquis looks like me! I'll admit to having to take a deep breath between typing in my measurements and clicking over to the image. I've had a lot of changes to my body in the past two years, so I knew that I'd have to face that reality. That said, I also want to be able to comfortably and stylishly dress my body as it is now, so I'm grateful to have a simpler way to try out new ideas than going through a whole process of making something first.``

Leah B. Thibeault


“I LOVE IT! Once I get started on drawing, it’s like I can't stop. It fuels my creativeness to another level. Lets me explore my ideas on paper and just gets me thinking on what I want to sew, how I can style it, and changes I can make to reflect me and my personality. Every time I am able to draw MY vision on MY BodyModel and then execute that into a garment that looks good on ME....it’s just Joy.”



Mary Alice Duff


“I think my custom croquis turned about pretty spot-on! I love the idea of having a croquis that actually looks like me. So much more useful in determining how a project might actually look on my body! I'll print them out to use when planning sewing projects. I like to hand draw garments when I am deciding with a certain fabric or adjustment will look right, especially when colorblocking or pattern hacking!”



“There are a lot of patterns that come in plus sizes but are never shown on plus size bodies. Sometimes it can be quite hard to determine whether or not you would like a pattern until you have made it and got it on. I was really excited to be able to see an outfit on myself ahead of the make and be able to give some thought to potential alterations before the garment is even cut out!``





“One of the big challenges in cosplay is adapting a 2d figure to reality. I pay a lot of attention to character silhouettes and how to adapt lines that not only work in reality, but also flatter my body. Anime, comic book, and video game designs typically don’t consider realistic body types (or the laws of physics), so being able to identify trouble spots and customize these designs prior to patterning and mock-ups will help solve a lot of headaches!``





“It’s amazing! I can print out as many copies as I want, sit down and listen to a podcast, watch a show, listen to music, and just draw. The drawing alone is relaxing enough, but it’s also so useful to know how a piece of clothing will look on me. And I can’t express how amazing it is to be able to see my own figure represented as a croquis instead of the typical fashion standard.``

Tiahna Conrad


Ready to try MyBodyModel?




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