We want to make sure you’re happy with your body model before you purchase it. That’s why you can create, preview, and edit your body model for free. Only pay if you choose to download. MyBodyModel pricing uses Credits. 1 Credit buys you 1 Download Package.

Planning to make more body models in the future?

Stock up on Credits for our best rates. Credits don’t expire! Add Credits to your account and use them anytime. When you choose to download a new body model download package, 1 Credit is applied at checkout.

Every Credit purchase helps us keep MyBodyModel™ going and make it the most awesome design tool it can be.

1 Credits


1 Credits = 1 Downloads
$29.00 / Credit

If you just need one, then just buy one!


5 Credits


5 Credits = 5 Downloads
$11.80 / Credit

For pros who make garments for clients, as well as those generous souls who make clothes for family and friends.

2 Credits


2 Credits = 2 Downloads
$19.50 / Credit

A great option if you expect your body measurements to change.

Every Download Package includes our Standard License.
Your purchased download package is saved in your Portfolio where you can download it any time.

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