MyBodyModel pricing uses Credits. That’s so you can get a discount when you buy Credits in bulk.

Preview your body model for free, and spend Credit when you’re ready to get your printable & digital fashion template package.

Basic vs. Premium

Choose from two purchase options: Basic or PremiumEvery download purchase includes a printable & digital sketchbook of your body model – including front and back views. Both download packages include your body model in a variety of sizes and page formats.  To see a full list of what’s included, see the Table of Contents. 

Basic vs Premium Download MyBodyModel BASIC
Basic vs Premium Download MyBodyModel PREMIUM


1 pose x 1 line color

The Basic download package includes your body model croquis in the Basic “arms down” pose, front & back views. You get 1 line color, which must be selected prior to purchase.  Your printable sketchbook (Project Planner PDF) features 11 different sketch pages featuring your body model.


2 poses x 5 line colors

The Premium download package includes everything in Basic, plus the Premium “hand on hip” pose, front & back views. You get all 5 line color choices: black, dark gray, light gray, orange, and teal.  You also get access to both poses and all line colors for your printable sketchbook.

MyBodyModel is free to try! It takes just a few minutes to enter your measurements in the website & see your free body model preview. You can even fine tune your body model until you’re ready to purchase your printable & digital fashion templates.

Credit Packs available



Unlimited Free Previews

  • Front view preview

We want to make sure you’re happy with your body model before you purchase it. That’s why you can create, preview, and edit your body model for FREE. Only spend Credit when you’re ready to download.



1 Credit

  • Front view download
  • Back view download
  • Project Planner PDF
  • Arms down pose

A Basic Download costs 1 Credit. 



2 Credits

  • Front view download
  • Back view download
  • Project Planner PDF
  • Arms down pose
  • Hand on hip pose
  • Line color flexibility

A Premium Download costs 2 Credits.



5 Credits

Save and spend the extra Credits however you’d like on Basic or Premium Downloads – A great budget option for pros who make garments for clients, as well as those generous souls who make clothes for family & friends!

See What's Included

Here’s a short video that shows all the printable page options in the Basic vs. Premium downloads. Every download purchase from MyBodyModel has more than than 10 printable fashion templates, all featuring your own personal body model croquis. It’s a printable fashion sketchbook, sewing planner, knitting planner, and wardrobe planner, all rolled into one. 

New! PRO discount packs

We’re so excited to offer a special bulk discount for educators and
professional garment makers & designers: 20 Credits for $199. Please note that additional discounts do not apply.

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