MyBodyModel pricing uses Credits. That’s so you can get a significant discount when you buy Credits in bulk. Credits don’t expire and can be used any time.

Expecting your body measurements to change? Planning to make body models for loved ones, clients, or students? Or do you want the option to upgrade later, at a lower cost per Credit? Stock up on Credits and get our best rates.



Unlimited Free Previews

We want to make sure you’re happy with your body model before you purchase it. That’s why you can create, preview, and edit your body model for FREE. Only spend Credit when you’re ready to download.

1 Credit


1 Basic Download

A Basic Download costs 1 Credit. See what’s included.

It costs 1 Credit to upgrade from Basic to Premium.

1 Credit


1 Premium Download

A Premium Download costs 2 Credits. See what’s included.

2 Credits will also get you 2 Basic Downloads – A great budget option if you expect your measurements to change!

5 Credits


5 Basic Downloads, Or...

Spend the Credits however you’d like on Basic or Premium Downloads – A great budget option for pros who make garments for clients, as well as those generous souls who make clothes for family & friends!

New! 20 Credits for $199

We’re so excited to offer this special discount for garment making & design pros. This includes costume designers, tailors, classroom teachers, workshop instructors and more! Please note that additional discounts do not apply. For more information, contact

Basic & Premium Download Options

Basic Download
1 Credit
Premium Download
2 Credits
Front View Image
Back View Image
Project Planner PDF
Arms Down Pose
Hands on Hip Pose
Line Color Flexibility

Click here for more details about what’s included in each download option.

Thank you for supporting MyBodyModel! Every Credit purchase helps us make MyBodyModelⓇ the best body-positive design tool it can be.

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