Scrap busting lingerie sewing with MyBodyModel by Pam
Pamela Flores

Scrap busting lingerie sewing with MyBodyModel, by Pam

Remember Pam’s post about getting her sew-jo back? She’s started 2020 a bang, using her body model templates to achieve many goals at once: scrap-busting, learning new skills, upleveling her lounge game, AND showing her body some love! Like standing in front of my pantry trying to decide what to cook , a recent conversation

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Planning 20 garments for 2020 with MyBodyModel, by Sierra
Sewing Planner
Sierra Burrell

Planning 20 garments for 2020 with MyBodyModel, by Sierra

The end of 2019 has arrived and 2020 is quickly approaching. The New Year brings out all sorts of planning and creativity for me. It’s an opportunity to dive into something new and start fresh. I am embracing this time by planning 20 garments for 2020. That’s right, I created a plan for making 20

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My Personalized Sewing Planner by Elana
Sewing Planner
Elana Nunez-Tiso

My Personalized Sewing Planner, by Elana

As the holiday frenzy starts to die down each December, I find myself looking ahead to the new year. For a planner like me, that means buying fresh new notebooks and pens and carving out time for goal setting and planning. I’m a relatively new garment sewist and earlier this year I realized that I

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Planning and Sewing a Capsule Wardrobe with MyBodyModel by Kelsey
Kelsey Tedeschi

Using MyBodyModel to Plan a Capsule Wardrobe, by Kelsey

Kelsey shares how she broke out of a creative funk and got her sew-jo back by using her personal croquis templates from MyBodyModel to plan a capsule wardrobe. As this year is winding down, and the outdoor temperatures are getting colder, I’m looking for more reasons to stay indoors, and honestly, drink more coffee. I’m

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My virtual fitting room for online clothes shopping by Julie
Virtual Fitting Room
Julie Steiner

My virtual fitting room for online clothes shopping, by Julie

“It looks so good on the model… But how will it look on ME?” With more and more of our buying activity happening online, the MyBodyModel custom croquis can be used as a virtual fitting room for internet clothing shopping. I originally wanted my own personal fashion templates for planning my knitwear, for adapting patterns

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Introducing the new omit-bust croquis option
Erica Schmitz

Introducing the new omit-bust croquis option!

We’re so excited to offer a new omit-bust croquis option as part of the MyBodyModel 2.0 updates! This optional adjustment allows you to create a croquis without a bust. Here’s how to try out this new option as part of your free preview in the website: In the Measurement Form, Section 4. Chest, select “Omit

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FAQ MyBodyModel 2.0 Updates
Erica Schmitz

FAQ: MyBodyModel Version 2.0 Updates

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback regarding the new features in MyBodymodel 2.0! People are loving the new optional adjustments and the new hand-on-hip pose. Below are responses to some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the updates. “Will I have to pay to use the new 2.0 app?” MyBodyModel is a website-based app and it’s

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