Pamela Flores

Regaining my Sew-Jo with MyBodyModel, by Pam

I used to sew for my daughters when they were little, but for one reason or another had not sewn in 10 years or more. Now I’m back, I am thrilled to discover the thriving communities of podcasts and online sewing groups! I joined the 52 week sewing challenge Facebook group, which lead me to

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From Sketch to Finished Makes - Knitting Edition by Diane
Diane Stanley

From Sketch to Finished Makes: Knitting Edition! by Diane

When I first discovered the MyBodyModel app I knew it would be a great resource for planning garment sewing projects but I didn’t know I would become nearly obsessed with sketching! Never really considering myself a “sketcher,” I realized all too quickly that you really don’t need to be to play with this app. I’ve

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MyBodyModel Fall Sewing Queue Sketches by Angelica 1
Angelica Pohle

My Fall Sewing Queue, by Angelica

I just started getting into sewing this year, and I’m so excited to have MyBodyModel to plan my fall wardrobe! I’m an incredibly methodical and organized person who also has what I like to call “Shiny Object Syndrome” – I am so quick to jump to the coolest and newest sewing pattern and forget about

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Designing the Fall Winter Wardrobe of My Dreams by Sarah
Sarah Joiner

Designing the Fall/Winter Wardrobe of My Dreams, by Sarah

Today’s guest blog post is by Sarah, who used her custom croquis from MyBodyModel together with Seamwork’s Design Your Wardrobe templates to plan her fall/winter wardrobe. She shares the five looks that she created for her fall/winter collection – Complete with gorgeous inspiration images, fabric swatches, and pattern choices!   Design Your Wardrobe is a

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How I used MyBodyModel to find my Style by Jaylyn
Jaylyn Pace

Finding My Style with MyBodyModel, by Jaylyn

I’ve always been a little envious of people who seem to have a really clear sense of personal style. Right now I feel like my “style” for the last few years has been running shorts (even though I don’t run), t-shirts, jeans, this one double gauze button down from Target, and my Chacos…   Now

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MyBodyModel Sleepwear Sewing Sketches by Jaylyn 2
Jaylyn Pace

1 Body, 3 Patterns: Sewing Sleepwear, by Jaylyn

Today, we’re talking sleepwear goals! It feels odd to plan a sleep wardrobe but I just feel like I’m over the t-shirt/gym shorts combo for bedtime. I want some nice, cute (but still comfy) pjs!   I rounded up some inspiration pictures in order to help narrow my pattern options. My “sleepwear style” is pretty

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