Planning a Week of College Outfits with MyBodyModel

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah and I am a MyBodyModel intern, entering my junior year at Bentley University. I am a creative industries and sustainability major, but as a wannabe fashion major, putting different pieces together to form individualized outfits is a huge joy of mine. 

Attending business school allows for a variety of clothing choices when going about each day. I put together five different outfits that I could wear in my day-to-day life as a college student based on what I already have in my closet. Whether it’s dressing for a presentation, going to the gym, or attending an after-school event, each outfit is personalized to me and my style.

Fashion drawing using the Sketchbook app

Though I am used to sketching by hand, I decided to sketch digitally to try something new. I downloaded the Sketchbook app and got started! While a little challenging at first, I found that in the end I liked it better than pencil because it offers so many different tools to choose from and the end result is much cleaner and vibrant. One of my favorite things about sketching digitally is saying hi to the ‘undo’ button and ‘goodbye’ to a messy eraser.

One tip I found after using the Sketchbook app is to use the layering tool. I found that for each garment or set of details on a garment I would sketch, it made it much easier to do it in different layers. This is so if I made a mistake, it would erase just the section I was working on and not the whole sketch.

Now let me show you the outfits I put together!

Monday: heading to class

When picking an outfit for class, choosing a comfy but also presentable outfit is usually the goal. For my top, I have opted for a fitted t-shirt and jeans. I find that these types of tops are the most flattering for my silhouette, specifically the short sleeve length. I also like where the top falls – not too long, but not too short and perfect with a pair of mid-rise jeans. The casual aspect of this look works great for class as I never want to be too dressed up for class when a lot of the time people opt for a comfier look anyway.  

Tuesday: going to the dining hall

After a long day of classes and assignments, cozying up to go to dinner is the best end to the day. Luckily, I live on a smaller campus so the walk to the dining hall isn’t very strenuous unlike those at a larger school with a fifteen-minute trek just to satisfy their hunger. However, if your journey to food is long this outfit may appeal to you even more. I opt for a comfier outfit when going to the dining hall, especially around dinnertime, as it allows me to enjoy the meal and experience more. My yoga pants are a go-to pant when wanting a more relaxing outfit as they are very moveable and aren’t too tight. A sweatshirt for my top is another classic in my dining hall outings as it is easy to throw on and ensures that I will be cozy when walking outside to get to my destination. 

Wednesday: going to the gym

I try not to put pressure on myself when it comes to going to the gym because most days I just don’t feel up to it and that’s okay! However, when I do feel the desire to move my body and get some exercise in, I throw on a sports bra and a pair of shorts for my go-to outfit. Usually adding some color in there also gets me motivated for the workout ahead as I am usually apt to wear colorful pieces in any outfit I create. For this specific outfit, I paired together a cream-colored sports bra with my muted purple shorts (my softest pair for maximum comfort 😉).

Thursday: giving a presentation

Attending business school means dressing up from time to time. From class presentations to interviews to career fairs, you cannot be at Bentley University without business casual pieces on hand. At least once a semester we will have a presentation, whether that is as a group or individually, to dress up in business casual attire for. For this, I have picked out my trusty brown tapered dress pants and paired them with a white bodysuit that I know fits me well with its square neckline and tighter fit. Wearing these pieces gives me the utmost confidence in myself which will allow me to feel empowered to give my presentation and feel my best while doing it.

Friday: going to a social event

My school puts on a lot of different events for students to give us a break from our studies. One specific event they have is a day full of activities ending with a concert called ‘Spring Day.’ Held on a sunny, warm day I decided on a skirt and tank top duo. One of my main hobbies is thrifting clothing or receiving pieces via hand-me-downs and upcycling them to suit my personal style. Before it got into my hands, this brown cargo skirt was down to my ankles and just a few sizes too big for me so I grabbed my scissors and took to my sewing machine.

For the top, I decided on a pink tank top that I also altered to fit me a tad bit better. Like I said before, I love adding color to my outfits and one of my favorite color combinations is brown and pink so I felt it was perfect! 

I find joy in making to-do lists and writing in an agenda so putting these outfits together and planning ahead has offered me exactly that. It also gives me an opportunity to get my creativity flowing, drawing each one of my outfits – even though I am not the best at it. Indulging in small happinesses is a simple thing that can make all the difference. 

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