MyBodyModel Knitting Planner Styles Sketch by Julie Steiner
Julie Steiner

5 ways to use MyBodyModel to plan your knitting projects, by Julie

Knitting is a patient person’s hobby. A single article of clothing has thousands of stitches, and thousands of chances to vary choices and change the outcome. That’s why I find the MyBodyModel tool so helpful to think through in advance the choices I will make along the way–fit, length, gauge, and myriad of potential design

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Diane Stanley Sketchbook Collage
Diane Stanley

Sketchbook Chronicles: Digital Edition, by Diane

When I like something I share it with everyone I know. I LOVE the MyBodyModel app. Erica Schmitz has created a body positive program for creating an image that looks just like me…or you, or your friends, or anyone (women only, but she has a vision for men, too) you might be sewing for right now. I’ve told all

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MyBodyModel sketchbook Step 3 by ciara xyerra
Ciara Xyerra

Sketchbook Chronicles: Bullet Journal Edition, by Ciara

I backed the MyBodyModel Kickstarter because I love drawing clothes, & I love comparing my sketches to my completed garments. I’ve experimented a lot with my sketches over the years. I’ve tried various sketchbooks with pro forma croquis, including some of the newer releases with more “regular person” proportions. But sewing has taught me that

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