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Ready to start sketching? Choose from two purchase options: Basic and Premium. Both packages include printable and digital fashion sketch templates of your body model.


The Basic download package includes your body model croquis in the Basic “arms down” pose, front & back views. You get 1 line color, which must be selected prior to purchase.  Your printable sketchbook (Project Planner PDF) features 11 different sketch pages featuring your body model.


The Premium download package includes everything in Basic, plus the Premium “hand on hip” pose, front & back views. You get all 5 line color choices: black, dark gray, light gray, orange, and teal.  You also get access to both poses and all line colors for your printable sketchbook.

Comparing Download Options:

Here’s a short video that shows all the printable page options in the Basic vs. Premium downloads:

“I already have a MyBodyModel croquis that I purchased a couple of months ago, but the new hand-on-hip pose takes my sketches to a whole new level! I love that I can pick the color of the lines – I chose a very light grey color and you can hardly see it on my sketches. The project planner booklet that is included with your body model croquis includes loads of different templates you can choose from to sketch out your makes, including both front and back poses. I chose this one where I planned out all the details of each my projects. Even if you can’t draw, MyBodyModel makes it so much easier! Try it out, just go for it, and if ever you lost your sewjo, a little sketching session with your MyBodyModel croquis is bound to bring it back!”

– Raylene @rayleneharveyhandmade

MyBodyModel sketches by Raylene @rayleneharveyhandmade, using her Premium version of her customized printable Project Planner.

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