So many customers have reached out to say how empowering it is to see themselves represented, and to finally be able to design garments for their actual bodies. We’ve heard from so many people who say it’s the first time they’ve looked at their bodies without judgment. One woman said, “Instead of flaws, I see possibilities” and that’s exactly our hope for everyone who uses MyBodyModel. We also hear from a lot of people who thought that they “can’t draw” – who gave it a try anyway, and were surprised at how much they enjoy it! 

Here are just a few examples of what people are saying about MyBodyModel:

"I’m so excited for this! I now can plan projects and get a better look at proportions and how styles will look on MY figure!"
"Knitting is a patient person’s hobby. A single article of clothing has thousands of stitches, and thousands of chances to vary choices and change the outcome. That’s why I find the MyBodyModel tool so helpful to think through in advance the choices I will make along the way–fit, length, gauge, and myriad of potential design and style variations."
Julie Steiner
"After I created my individual body model I drew over the croquis in a sketchbook I own and set them side by side. I totally didn’t see the tears coming. The image on the left is from a sketchbook I’ve used to plan my annual sewing projects for three years. Three years! Planning sewing projects on a body that doesn’t even make sense! On the right is my body. My actual body. Honestly, I didn’t realize how unrealistic the conventional body model is. How in the world is the image on the left useful? It’s nothing like my body in the least! What are those hips even doing? I am so glad I’ve had this eye-opening experience. I’m a complete convert to the real-body croquis and so happy that @mybodymodel exists."
"I can’t stop posting and sharing about @mybodymodel. I have always been pretty self conscious about my athletic and petite build. When I first put my measurements in I was so nervous to see what was going to come out. Not gonna lie I even tried different measurements to see what might happen if I lose an inch or two. But guess what? None of it mattered, everything still proportionately looked the same, and it’s teaching me to accept my figure. I absolutely love my little croquis that I get to sketch and plan my wardrobe on! I love that this company promotes body positivity and even if you don’t sew, knit, or make your own clothes in any kind of way I think everyone should at least check it out!"
"MyBodyModel has made me more adventurous in my clothing choices. It’s also helped me gain more confidence in the clothes I’m sewing. I can make small adjustments like moving the waistline on a dress and it completely changes the garment. That’s a lot easier to do with a sketch than a final garment."
"It's amazing to be able to test out all the silhouettes I love on other bodies, on my own!...Culottes with a tucked in shirt? Don't mind if I do. Wide leg trousers with a t-shirt? Yes please! LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! Thank you so much @mybodymodel for creating such a magical thing. It's done more for my self confidence than I could have believed. And I'm utterly enamored with the shape of my head 😂"
Thandi Welman-Hawkes​
"I already have a MyBodyModel croquis that I purchased a couple of months ago, but the new hand-on-hip pose takes my sketches to a whole new level! I love that I can pick the color of the lines - I chose a very light grey color and you can hardly see it on my sketches. The project planner booklet that is included with your body model croquis includes loads of different templates you can choose from to sketch out your makes, including both front and back poses. I chose this one where I planned out all the details of each my projects. Even if you can't draw, MyBodyModel makes it so much easier! Try it out, just go for it, and if ever you lost your sewjo, a little sketching session with your MyBodyModel croquis is bound to bring it back!"
"I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to use my @mybodymodel for project planning. I downloaded my croquis and uploaded the a screenshot of the PDF into the Adobe Sketch app and I’m really excited for my initial 2020 sewing plans.⁠ Sketching out what I want to make helped me visualize what I want my wardrobe to look like. What I’m most excited for, other than bringing these sketches to life in 2020, is that all of these feel like 'me'"
"Being in treatment for breast cancer has changed my body drastically because of treatment and the uni lateral mastectomy, and it has been difficult for me to accept my changed body. Entering my measurements in the form for mybodymodel and seeing the results on plain paper made me realize that it doesn’t look so bad after all, and that I have a body that I can happily be content with. It was a therapeutic experience seeing my body in a neutral rendition, and it made me realize: if this is how my body is, not seen through my emotional glasses, then everything is okay.”
"After trying some great spreadsheets, worksheets etc, what finally worked for me was—surprise!—fully visual. Using my #mybodymodel croquis, I can digitally draw in not only my sewing plans but clothes I already have in my wardrobe, crochet ideas, and even play around with whether to dye a designer sample pinafore I have blue or purple."
"I am not very brave, style-wise. I am afraid to try new or unfamiliar styles and am unwilling to take expensive risks on patterns and fabrics that could end up being a fail. It's so freeing to sit and sketch a pattern on my body and look at it objectively, on a drawing on paper instead of later once you’ve put all that time in and your looking in the mirror with it on your actual body. If it doesn’t work - you throw away the paper and the sewing idea, instead of feeling upset and bad about yourself. Every sewist needs this, but I would especially say that every risk-resistant sewist needs this!"

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