Exciting news! 🎊

Happy 2023! This new year comes with exciting news: we—Erica and Jenny—are thrilled to announce that MyBodyModel is now part of the Cashmerette family.

When Erica announced the closing of MyBodyModel, Jenny got in touch. We quickly realized that our missions aligned: to empower makers like you to design and create amazing garments which make you feel fabulous. Cashmerette and MyBodyModel are both long-time champions of body positivity in the maker community, and we’re both thrilled that MyBodyModel has found a new home.

What does this mean for you? It means that MyBodyModel will live on and your access to credits and croquis will be uninterrupted. Read on to hear more from Erica and Jenny and get all your top questions answered.

Jenny Rushmore of Cashmerette

Hi, I’m Jenny! I learned to sew because I could never find clothes to fit my curvy, plus size body, and I was sick of the fashion industry telling me that I didn’t fit in, and didn’t deserve beautiful clothes.

But I soon discovered I didn’t fit in most sewing patterns either, so I learned to alter patterns and had the (literally!) life changing revelation: that I could change my clothes to fit my body, rather than changing my body to fit clothes.

I knew I wasn’t alone, so, I set up Cashmerette, and the rest is history! 

At Cashmerette, we have the patterns (in sizes 0-32 and cup sizes C-H), books, workshops, and community that I wish had existed when I learned to sew. I’m all about helping curvy sewists achieve a fabulous fit in their handmade garments, and I’ve created dozens of patterns and published a best-selling book called “Ahead of the Curve” in the process.

As a long-time fan of MyBodyModel, I’m so excited to help enable this incredible tool to continue serving the crafting community.

Erica Schmitz

Hi, I’m Erica! I’m an obsessed garment sewist with a passion for body-positive fashion drawing and design. I founded MyBodyModel in 2017 and 5+ years later, I’m still blown away by the creativity, joy, and kindness of the maker community.

Going forward, I’ll still be playing paper dolls with my sewing plans and helping makers design wardrobes for their one-and-only bodies! You can find me and my beginner-friendly drawing classes and style workshops at Illustrated Style School and @illustratedstyleschool. Hope to see you there!

Your Questions, Answered

Will I retain my account and all of my credits?

You will! You’ll have uninterrupted access to your MyBodyModel account and credits, and all of the MyBody croquis you’ve created.

Will I continue to access my MyBody croquis on MyBodyModel.com?

Yes! The process for accessing your MyBody croquis and creating new ones will be exactly the same as what you’re used to.

Will I be able to purchase new credits?

Yes, in the same way as before! You’ll be able to purchase individual credits and credit packs, and of course, to create unlimited MyBody croquis previews for free.

Is MyBodyModel going to change now that it’s part of Cashmerette?

MyBodyModel will continue on just as it is today, but we’re excited to bring MyBodyModel to an even wider audience and expand the impact of this amazing tool even more in the future. 

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  1. I’ve been carrying around the worksheet for MBM so long! Glad to know when I finally get around to doing it, it’ll still be there! 🙂

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