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Every Project Planner download from MyBodyModel has more than than 10 printable fashion templates, all featuring your own personal body model croquis. It’s a printable fashion sketchbook, sewing planner, knitting planner, wardrobe planner, and creative journal, all rolled into one.

FAQ MyBodyModel 1.0 Updates

Print your favorite fashion sketch pages

Your printable Project Planner includes front and back views of your body model, in a variety of page formats and croquis sizes. That way, you can choose the best printable fashion template format to fit your unique project, planning style and creative process.

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Designed for flexibility

We designed MyBodyModel’s printable Project Planner to be flexible. You can print your favorite fashion templates and use them on their own. Or, keep your sketch pages together in a binder or portfolio. You can add, remove, and change the pages as needed. You can also use clear sheet protectors to keep your sketches, swatches, and patterns together in a binder.

What's new in MyBodyModel 1.0

Up to 12 croquis per page

Your printable fashion templates include pages with 1-12 body models per page. The pages with lots of smaller croquis on one page are great for creative brainstorming. You can experiment with lots of new styles and silhouettes, and compare them side-by-side. The pages with one large croquis per page are great for planning your garments down to the last detail.

Structured + unstructured page options

Every printable fashion sketch page was designed with feedback from our testers and customers – including sewists, knitters, designers, and stylists. We found that everyone’s planning style is different! Some of us enjoy having the structure of pre-set planning categories. Meanwhile, others prefer blank lines – or the freedom of lots of blank space. The MyBodyModel Project Planner includes page options for all planning styles.

Leah @mscleaver printed her Project Planner page with categories and front/back view croquis to plan her sewing project.
Whitney @whitneyknits used her 3-models page to plan a mix & match travel wardrobe.

Choose the right format for your project - or your mood

Your printable croquis templates include options for any project, big or small – from creative brainstorming, to planning an outfit to the last detail. Have fun experimenting, and discover what works best for you.

...What’s your favorite printable fashion template?

Kari @karimadethis used her 9-models page layout and watercolor paints to illustrate her #makenine projects for the year.

Every page in your Project Planner printable fashion sketchbook is designed to be both fun and practical. For more information about each page that’s included in download, check out the Printable Project Planner details

Prefer to sketch digitally? Learn more about how to use MyBodyModel for digital fashion sketching.

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