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An outline of your body.

At MyBodyModel™ we believe that every body is beautiful. With our web app, you can create your own custom fashion sketch templates, made to your measurements.  So you can draw your wardrobe ideas on an outline of your own body- And see how a garment will look, before you invest in making it.  

Unlimited free previews.

We want to make sure you’re happy with your body model before you decide to buy a download package. When you enter your measurements into MyBodyModel™ Beta, you can preview a watermarked image of your body model for free. You can also edit your body model preview for free.


Zero drawing experience is required! Check out our blog for fun tips and tutorials, and have fun sketching your dream wardrobe on your own custom fashion templates.

Two download formats.

Whether you like to draw on paper or digitally (or both!) we have you covered. Every download purchase includes your body model in PDF and JPEG file formats.

Printable layout options.

Every download package includes a printable PDF packet with multiple page layouts. These include two Project Planner layouts and pages with 1, 3, and 8 models per page. Have fun experimenting with the different templates, and see which ones are your favorites. All pages have space for a 3-hole punch so you can keep them in a project binder.

JPEG for digital sketching.

Every download package includes your body model as a JPEG image file.  Import your image into your favorite illustration app to sketch digitally. Or, import into your favorite design software to create your own printable layouts.

Choose your line color.

When you create your body model, you can choose from black, dark gray, light gray, orange, and teal lines. The black, orange, and teal lines are fun for sketching digitally with layers. The light gray and dark gray lines are great for printing and sketching on paper. Personally, we like to use the light gray, because the lines seem to disappear under our sketches! But the darkness of the lines can vary by printer. Click here for a printable test swatch, so you can choose the best line darkness for your printer.

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