MyBodyModel Sewing Planner or Life Goals Planner

MyBodyModel: Sewing Planner or Life Goals Planner?

We’re almost two months into 2019, and I’ve been taking a different approach to my goal setting this year. Instead of writing out my goals as a list, I’ve been using my body model sewing planner as a practical way to visualize what I might want to be wearing (and how I want to be feeling) as I achieve my big goals for the new year. I used to think about my sewing goals as separate from the rest of my life – But the more I sew, the more I realize how connected my sewing goals and life goals really are.

It may sound hokey, but there’s also something really powerful about putting images down on paper as a way to get more clear about what I really want. The more I draw my dreams on my body model croquis, the easier it is to see myself being that person that I want to be.

A couple of months ago, I posted a rough sketch of my #makenine plans on Instagram:  

MyBodyModel Erica Schmitz 2019 #makenine


My plans haven’t changed too much since then, but I have made some more detailed sketches of some of the most daunting projects. In drawing them out, I’ve imagined wearing these garments as I achieve my big goals for the year…

Sewing goal #1: An unstructured blazer // Life goal: Relaxed & confident in business!

When I picture myself achieving all of my big business-related goals in 2019, I’m looking cool, relaxed, & confident in a slouchy longline blazer worn with jeans or cigarette pants. There’s something about menswear-inspired looks in soft and unstructured fabrics that makes me feel amazing. I wasn’t sure about the drop shoulder look, but after drawing it on my body model croquis I am in love!  If I can get the fit right, I see myself making several versions – a couple in linen for spring and summer, a casual herringbone or plaid flannel for fall, and a wool tweed for winter!

I’ve read through the instructions in the book & some blogger reviews (like here and here) that make me wonder if this pattern may be out of my league… Maybe I should try the Joe Blazer by Ready to Sew instead? Or Simplicity 8697? Or maybe a lengthened version of the Seamwork Delavan? Or?  If you have other pattern suggestions that would achieve a similar look but might be easier to sew and/or have a photo or video sewalong, please let me know!
MyBodyModel unstructured blazer Haramere Jacket sewing plans by Erica

The Haremere Jacket from the Merchant and Mills Workbook – maybe in “Elmwood” mid-weight linen from Blackbird Fabrics for spring/summer, Robert Kaufman Shetland Flannel for fall, and Herringbone Wool Tweed from Mood Fabrics for winter…


Sewing goal #2: A drapey white linen boho top // Life goal: More relaxation & fun on weekends!

One of my goals for 2019 is to get better at relaxing and having fun on the weekends, and achieving better life-work balance in general. I tend to spend much of winter fantasizing about summer, and in almost all of these visions, I’m wearing a loose-fitting white linen top with jean shorts and leather sandals. The white linen top of my dreams is kind of boho or peasant-style, but not too poofy. I love the collar detail of the Matcha top pattern, but I’ve never sewn anything like it before and I haven’t yet been able to wrap my head around the pattern instructions. And eek – hand sewing is involved! Luckily Allie at Indie Sew posted a photo tutorial on how to sew the collar for this pattern.

Other pattern contenders: Roscoe blouse by True Bias, Esme top (kaftan neckline option) in Lotta Jansdotter Everyday Style, Piper Boho Tunic by Wardrobe by Me… So many great options…

MyBodyModel drapey white linen boho top - Matcha Top sewing plans by Erica

The Matcha Top pattern by Sew Liberated would be gorgeous in Avery slub linen blend from La Mercerie, Brussels Washer linen from Alewives Fabrics, or Tencel Twill from La Mercerie…


Sewing goal #3: A jumpsuit (and variations thereof)//Life goal: More playfulness in all things!

This next one also goes with my goal of having more fun and playing more in 2019. My grandmother used to make us “playsuits” when we were kids and I love the idea of a grownup playsuit! I admit that when jumpsuits started getting popular a few years ago, I said, “NO WAY.” But then, as happens, after seeing one gorgeous version after another on social media, I started to think, “Okay, maybe in the right fabric….” Now here we are, and I am seriously for real planning to sew and wear a jumpsuit in 2019. But first, I’m taking the cautious route and making it as separates!  Baby steps. I love the idea of the Amy Jumpsuit top being a bra-friendly version of the Ogden cami – and the fact that the pattern has darts makes it seem so much more realistic for my body.  I want to start by getting the fit just right, then making a ton of Amy tanks to wear, then experimenting with the super-wide-leg bottoms… And then, finally, making the full shebang. In linen, of course.

Other jumpsuit patterns that have caught my fancy: Peppermint Jumpsuit, Seamwork Sky, and Sierra Jumpsuit by Papercut Patterns…

MyBodyModel Amy Jumpsuit sewing plans by Erica

Amy Jumpsuit by Closet Case Patterns – I want to make this in basically every color of the Avery slub linen blend from La Mercerie


Looking back over my plans, I see that “relaxed” is an overarching theme for my year -so I’ll try not to get too serious or stuck in getting these makes too perfect! I’m excited to share my progress with you in the upcoming year.

What are your big dreams for the new year, and what do you see yourself wearing as you accomplish them?

MyBodyModel Sewing Goals - Haramere Jacket, Matcha Top, Amy Jumpsuit Sketches by Erica Schmitz

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