Planning my late fall early winter sewing queue with MyBodyModel by Dari

Planning my Late Fall/Early Winter Sewing Queue with MyBodyModel, by Dari

When I first heard of MyBodyModel, I was on my way to work listening to the Love to Sew Podcast in my car.  I was fascinated by the story of how MyBodyModel came to be, and I was also completely intrigued by the idea of creating a personal croquis using my very own body measurements.  

Around the time this podcast went live, I had made a decision to start organizing my sewing projects for my blog and for YouTube, and began looking for a clean, modern looking sewing planner that would help me do just this.  It was often difficult to make a decision on what I would make, and I felt massive pressure to make all of the things in the little bit of time I had. Long story short, I wasn’t able to find a planner that had everything I was looking for, so I created one.  During the process of creating the planner, I reached out to Erica, founder of MyBodyModel, for some information on her croquis builder. She invited me to show you how I used my MyBodyModel croquis (in my own measurements!) to plan out my future sewing projects with my new sewing planner, which I gladly accepted!

Since we’re in early November, I decided to start planning late fall/early winter sewing projects.  I told myself that I would select no more than 7 patterns, so that I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. It wasn’t easy, since the holidays are coming up, and I do have quite a collection of dresses and long sleeved/sweater patterns.  After reviewing my closet, however, I realized that I needed a few more long sleeved tops for work, a comfy outfit for the weekends, a cozy sweatshirt, and a holiday dress!

To begin the planning process, I decided to use the “Drawing Board” page of the planner to add multiple croquis, five in total.  The way I did this was by uploading the “Drawing Board” page into Canva as well as a snippet of my smaller sized croquis provided when you purchase your croqui.  I then overlapped the croquis to the “Drawing Board” page, and whala!

Dari Photo 1 with MyBodyModel


 I also added a croquis to the “Sewing Pattern Sketch” page:

Dari Sewing Planner Photo 2 with MyBodyModel


I was in love when I printed out the pages, and even more in love after I started drawing and coloring in the clothes. As I was drawing, I couldn’t help but remember my youth.  When I was younger I loved sketching fashion designs. As you can tell, I have come a long way, and let me tell you, that drawing on the croquis, which was designed after my own measurements, was pretty amazing.  I could actually imagine the clothing on me, and it makes a huge difference. When I was younger I tried so hard to give my clothing shape as I was drawing, but having the croqui available as a guide brings a design to life!


Dari Sewing Planner Photo 3 with MyBodyModel

Drawing garments on my body model croquis, compared to drawing garments without my croquis – What a difference!


After seeing the sketches of the patterns I chose, I was happy with my selection.  Here are my top 7 patterns I plan to make this late Fall and early Winter, starting with:

Toaster Sweater by Sew House 7 – I have loved this design since it was first released.  This pattern was on my Make Nine list for 2018, so I hope to make it before the year is over.  I will be making version #1, and the only thing I plan to change is the length. My plan is to use an orange ponte I have had in my stash since last year.

Hudson Pants by True Bias – Next up are the Hudson Pants in version A.  I have been wanting to make joggers for a very long time because I cannot seem to find a pair that fits my curvy legs properly in an RTW version.  Just look at the legs on my croquis! I just bought some black French terry from and am excited to make these.  My plan is to pair it with the orange toaster sweater, and use it around the house or to run errands.  

Dari Sewing Planner Photo 4 with MyBodyModel featuring Toaster Sweater and Hudson Pants

First on my list: Toaster Sweater in orange ponte and Hudson Pants in black french terry


Next up is Simplicity 1014 –  I just love the versatility of this pattern, in version A.  The loose fabric around the neck area can be used as a hood, as an off-the-shoulder top, or as a cowl neck.  This is my kind of pattern! The reason I chose this top is because I plan to wear it to work. I have been in need of new work clothes for a long time, and I can see myself making this top more than once.  The plan is to use a wine colored jersey knit to make this top, which I think is perfect for the season. Unfortunately, this pattern has been discontinued, but you can still find it on Etsy and some other online shops.

Dari Sewing Planner Photo 5 MyBodyModel featuring Simplicity 1014

Simplicity 1014 in wine colored jersey knit


The next patterns on my sewing list are:

McCall’s 7020 –  This is another top, that is a little bit similar to Simplicity 1014, but it has a boxier shape, and there is no versatility with the extra fabric around the neck.  I am considering making version E, which is longer, with pockets. I could wear this with tights and boots, jeans, and my work pants. Unfortunately, this pattern is also out of print.

Chloe Sweatshirt – Next is this sweatshirt designed by Rosy Peña, which I will be making in a pretty blush pink French terry.  I am excited about this one! I just can’t wait to have a sweatshirt that I can wear with jeans, but still look cute and feminine in.  

New Look 6301 – This dress pattern in view A, is my top choice for a holiday dress.  I purchased a burgundy colored stretch velvet, and I can’t wait to to get it prepped to make.  I have seen some reviews and it looks like an easy make, I just hope the velvet works out. The sketch turned out really good, and I know this will look divine as a holiday outfit.

Dari Sewing Planner Photo 6 MyBodyModel with New Look 6301 dress pattern

My holiday dress: New Look 6301 in burgundy stretch velvet!


Lastly, I will be making the Bella Wrap Top by Rosy Peña in a lovely black, stretch velvet, that I have in my stash. My favorite detail is the bell sleeve, and I think this top will come in handy over the holidays as well as for work and church. Also, wrap anything is always a winner for my body shape, as you can tell in my New Look 6301 sketch, and the wrap top sketch.

Dari Sewing Planner Photo 7 MyBodyModel with Bella Wrap Top by Rosy Pena

My final planned make for the season: the Bella Wrap top in black stretch velvet


My final conclusion is that the MyBodyModel croquis app is amazing and accurate, and a must-have for designing your wardrobe.  You are really going to appreciate this tool as a sewist and maker. Personally, I think this is one of the most valuable tools now available to sewists all over the world.  Since I have decided to be more selective and start making garments with intention, I will absolutely be using my croquis over and over to design my wardrobe.

Dari Sewing Planner Photo 9 with MyBodyModel

My full sewing plan for late Fall and early Winter!




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