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Sketchbook Chronicles: Digital Edition, by Diane

When I like something I share it with everyone I know. I LOVE the MyBodyModel app. Erica Schmitz has created a body positive program for creating an image that looks just like me…or you, or your friends, or anyone (women only, but she has a vision for men, too) you might be sewing for right now. I’ve told all my friends about this and they don’t even sew! I’ve told my hairdresser, my sister, my husband and kids and daughters-in-law. Anyone who will listen. Now I am telling you, lovely blog readers.

I’ve not shared this about me on my own blog before, but from the time I first started making my own clothes, at age 12, all through high school and when I began college, I wanted to be a fashion designer. That dream ended when another one began when I met and later became engaged to my wonderful Mr. Romance. We set our goals of a life together and I eagerly put my dream aside for OUR life together.

Flash forward 48 years and I am a fashion designer…thanks to this app. MyBodyModel uses 21 body measurements to create an outline of your silhouette. I don’t claim to be a great sketcher but with my body croquis created with the MyBodyModel app and using the Sketch Club app on my iPad I am able to draw clothing to see how it will look on my body. I can audition pattern views and colors and even input fabrics using another app that I love.

Thinking about what I might like to sew this summer I have been sketching like crazy. I’ve even learned how to use the Sketch Club app to create fabric and textures.

Here are some of my sketches.

Diane Kalle Shirtdress outfit sketch MyBodyModel

I plan to make the Kalle Shirt dress using this lawn fabric.


Diane Kielo wrap dress outfit sketch MyBodyModel

Kielo Wrap Dress


Diane floral winslow culottes outfit sketch MyBodyModel

Winslow Culottes in floral fabric.  For this sketch I photographed the floral print and then sketched the Winslow Culottes over it to see how it would look made up and on my body.


Diane Simplicity 1277 outfit sketch MyBodyModel

Simplicity 1277


Diane Eleonore jeans outfit sketch MyBodyModel

Mimosa Scoopneck T-Shirt and Eleonore Pull-on Jeans (hands-in-pockets drawn freehand)


Willamette Shirt and Style Arc Flat Bottom Flo Pants


Diane orange tunic outfit sketch MyBodyModel

Assymetrical tunic with leggings


Diane orange cardi outfit sketch MyBodyModel

Textured cardigan worn over a printed dress


Diane Paul sweater outfit sketch MyBodyModel

This is a drawing of me wearing the Gambier Jacket I recently finished making for my husband Paul. You see, MyBodyModel can also be used to design knitted garments. How fun is that?


When I joined the Ready To Wear Fast in January and later participated in Me Made May I never dreamt I would jump on this clothes making bandwagon with such fervor. I must say being involved with these two fun social media events and now using the MyBodyModel app to design and audition patterns has given me a new confidence that I have never had before. I know my arms are flabby and I have rolls on my tummy and love handles on my back BUT I feel beautiful and proud making my own clothes and wearing them confidently.

MyBodyModel Sketchbook Chronicles Diane

5 thoughts on “Sketchbook Chronicles: Digital Edition, by Diane”

    1. Thank you so much, Diane! I know that this post with your beautiful sketches are going to inspire so many people. I’ve already heard from one person who took the digital sketching plunge today after reading this post – So exciting!

  1. Mary Ann Scanlon

    What an interesting app!! I had given up garment sewing a number of years ago in part because I often didn’t like the final product once I put it on. Looking at all the fun sketches Diane has done I am going to take the plunge.

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