My Body Model - The Work Collection, by Sierra

My Body Model – The Work Collection, by Sierra

MyBodyModel tester Sierra used her new body model croquis to design a work wardrobe that is both classic and fun. I love how she used her digital body model image together with the Adobe Sketch app to experiment with different silhouettes, colors, and textures. Read on for details on each garment that Sierra plans to sew, and why!

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I’ve been sewing consistently for about 14 months, and the new year prompted me to think about my approach to wardrobe planning. As a relatively new sewist, I am still making clothes to build a solid me made wardrobe.  I recently let go of a lot of ready to wear items that fit poorly or are no longer my style. This left a large gap in my closet, and I decided that it was time to strategically plan some sewing projects.

I started to consider what category of my closet I wanted to focus on. I decided that I would tackle clothes that I can wear to work. I spend a lot of my time in an office and the dress code is business casual, which can have a wide range of interpretation. My goal for “The Work Collection” is to make pieces that are comfortable, classic, and funky. I enjoy taking simple styles and adding a little flair to them with fun colors or prints.


1. The Blouse

My first piece that I’m planning is a blouse. It is arguably one of the most versatile items I can have in my closet. I can layer it (which is important for weather in the Northeastern US) with warm sweaters, tuck it into a pencil skirt, or let it dress up a pair of jeans.

MyBodyModel Sketch - Blouse in Blush Pink by Sierra Burrell

I would like to make a couple of variations for this blouse. Blush pink is a color I have been consistently drawn to recently, and I think a blouse in this color would warm up any outfit.


I also want to try some dramatic sleeves to add interest to an otherwise neutral top.

MyBodyModel Sketch - Blouse with Dramatic Sleeves by Sierra Burrell


I’m also considering a bold print to liven up the black slacks that are in heavy rotation. Animal print comes to mind because I’d wear it with a variety of solid colors.

MyBodyModel Sketch - Blouse in Bold Print by Sierra Burrell


2. The Wrap Dress

The second piece that I’m planning is a classic wrap dress. There is something about the shape of a wrap dress that instantly puts a smile on my face. The Appleton Dress from Cashmerette is a pattern that would provide enough coverage for the office while still giving me the silhouette I’m looking for. The pattern is designed to hit at the knee and I’d like to try a couple different lengths.

I’ve been dreaming of a maxi length velvet Appleton and I’m tempted to make it a reality. Although I don’t often see people wearing velvet to work, I would like to try it.

MyBodyModel Sketch - Appleton Wrap Dress in Maxi Length by Sierra Burrell


I am also looking to make the dress with the three quarter length sleeve and original hem length. I absolutely adored Michelle Obama’s yellow dress that she wore during her recent book tour. That bright yellow fabric has to become an Appleton Dress! I cannot get the image out of my head, so I really need to go ahead and find that fabric.

MyBodyModel Sketch - Yellow Appleton Wrap Dress by Sierra Burrell


The third variation of the Appleton will be for summer in the office. I am envisioning a bright floral print and short sleeves. It will be a sun dress that I can wear for work or play.

MyBodyModel Sketch by Sierra Burrell - Floral Sundress


3. The Woven Skirt

My last piece for The Work Collection will be a woven skirt. I don’t own many skirts, but my Pinterest board is full of office outfits centered around a classic skirt.

I’d like my first version to be a softer silhouette made in linen. I can see it being particularly useful on very hot days. I have an olive crinkle linen I picked up from Blackbird Fabrics this past summer that would be perfect.

MyBodyModel Sketch - Skirt in Olive Crinkle Linen by Sierra Burrell


I am also interested in a skirt with a large pockets, like the Gypsum skirt from Sew Liberated. I’ve made the large exterior pocket version, and I’m planning on making the inseam pocket version. This is a classic silhouette that could pair well with some of the rayons in my fabric stash.

MyBodyModel Sketch - Gympsum Skirt with Inseam Pockets by Sierra Burrell


I would like my final woven skirt to be made out of a heavier weight navy fabric. I have black work separates but very few navy pieces. This would be a wardrobe builder that I could pair with all of my printed tops.

MyBodyModel Sketch - Gypsum Skirt by Sierra Burrell


As I continue to make clothes for myself, I look forward to breaking down my planning into categories. I’m sure I will plan makes for active wear, traveling, and lounging. The Work Collection will be the first of many.


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  1. Oooh, these all look great! That yellow dress grabbed my eye first, but the blue top makes me want to explore more sleeve styles…

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