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MyBodyModel's app makes fashion sketch templates of your body. Enter your measurements and get a free preview of your own custom croquis. Use your body model sketch templates for fashion sketching and sewing. knitting, and wardrobe planning.
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Fashion sketch templates of your body

The MyBodyModel™ web app makes fashion sketch templates (also called “croquis”) to your body measurements. So you can plan your makes on a croquis that looks like you.

No more guessing.

See what a garment will look like on YOU, before you invest in making it. No more trying to guess based on model photos that look nothing like you! With MyBodyModel™ custom fashion templates, you can plan your makes on a sketch model made to your measurements.

Be your own body model.

All those media images and messages that say you have to look a certain way to be beautiful? ALL FALSE. Every human body is amazing and unique and BEAUTIFUL. And very few of us look like runway models.

MyBodyModel Fashion Design

Imagine your dream wardrobe.

Hem lengths, necklines, color blocking – The possibilities are endless! With MyBodyModel™ custom croquis, you can have fun experimenting with all your fashion ideas – On a model that looks like you.


Enter your measurements to get a 2-D outline of your body.


View and edit your body model for free.


Every download package includes your body model in JPEG and printable PDF formats.


Printable page layouts include a Project Planner and 1, 3, and 8 models per page.


Import your croquis image into your favorite illustration app.


Get our best rates by buying download credits in bulk. Use your credits anytime.

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