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Fashion Templates
Of Your Body


MyBodyModel is a

Fashion Croquis
Template App

The MyBodyModel croquis app makes custom fashion sketch templates with realistic body measurements. Sketch your fashion designs on a croquis template that looks like you, your clients, and friends.

Download a PDF or image file of your body model croquis template for print, or use in digital fashion sketching apps.

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Create Realistic Croquis Templates


Sketch what a garment will look like on YOU, before you invest in making and sewing it. No more trying to guess based on model photos that look nothing like you! With MyBodyModel™ downloadable custom fashion templates, you can plan your makes on a sketch model made to your measurements.

Be Your Own Body Model


All those media images and messages that say you have to look a certain way to be beautiful? ALL FALSE. Every human body is amazing and unique and BEAUTIFUL. And very few of us look like runway models.

Imagine Your Dream Wardrobe


Hem lengths, necklines, color blocking – The possibilities are endless! With MyBodyModel™ custom croquis, you can have fun experimenting with all your fashion ideas – On a model that looks like you.

What People Are Saying

Martha, Sewing Instagrammer
Martha, Sewing Instagrammer@GariChild
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“I LOVE IT! Once I get started on drawing, its like I can't stop. It fuels my creativeness to another level. Lets me explore my ideas on paper and just gets me thinking on what I want to sew, how I can style it, and changes I can make to reflect me and my personality."
Mindy, Cosplayer and Seamstress
Mindy, Cosplayer and SeamstressThe Geeky Seamstress
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“I loved my custom croquis from MyBodyModel! It actually looked like my overall silhouette and was super simple to use. The custom templates will be a great resource for any maker looking to visualize their designs on paper before turning them into reality. Whether cosplayers are looking to make armor, fabric-based designs, or both, being able to sketch out the design and figure out the proportions of their designs in the research phase will be a huge time-saver!"
Megan, Sewing Blogger
Megan, Sewing BloggerSomeday Sewing
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“There are a lot of patterns that come in plus sizes but are never shown on plus size bodies. Sometimes it can be quite hard to determine whether or not you would like a pattern until you have made it and got it on. I was really excited to be able to see an outfit on myself ahead of the make and be able to give some thought to potential alterations before the garment is even cut out!"
Erin Weisbart, Sewing Pattern Designer
Erin Weisbart, Sewing Pattern DesignerTuesday Stitches
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“Our bodies come in all sorts of beautiful shapes and sizes so our croquis should too!"
Kim McBrien Evans, Knitting Pattern Designer
Kim McBrien Evans, Knitting Pattern DesignerIndigodragonfly
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"Will this shape sweater look good on me? Should I go for a v neck or a crew neck? Long sleeves or short? Sketch it over your body double and know exactly how to tweak the pattern.”
Brittany J. Jones, Sewing Blogger
Brittany J. Jones, Sewing BloggerBrittany J. Jones
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“I think my custom croquis is fabulous! It looks just like me! I’m very curvy so finding a croquis that looked like me was hard to come by. MyBodyModel solved that problem and I now look forward to project planning my upcoming makes."
Meg, Sewing Blogger
Meg, Sewing BloggerCookin' and Craftin'
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“I think my custom croquis turned about pretty spot-on! I definitely recognize my shape immediately in the rendering - it feels so familiar!”
Chuleenan, Sewing Blogger
Chuleenan, Sewing BloggerC Sews
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“My custom croquis makes it easy to see how certain garments will look on my body. It also helps confirm why I avoid certain styles. No gathered waists! I usually visualize garments in my head and being able to put my ideas down on paper on a custom croquis will make my garment planning closer to becoming a reality.”
Andie W., Sewing Blogger
Andie W., Sewing BloggerSew Pretty in Pink
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“I love my croquis from MyBodyModel! They look more me than any croquis out there and that means that I can do some sketching and envision how a pattern would really look on my body type before I make a muslin.”
Leah B. Thibault, Knitting Pattern Designer
Leah B. Thibault, Knitting Pattern DesignerMs. Cleaver Creations
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"Makers have a diverse range of bodies and it's wonderful to finally have a design tool to help reflect that!"


Enter your measurements to get a 2-D outline of your body.


View and edit your body model for free.


Every download package includes your body model in JPEG and printable PDF formats.


Printable page layouts include a Project Planner and 1, 3, and 8 models per page.


Import your croquis image into your favorite illustration app.


Get our best rates by buying download credits in bulk. Use your credits anytime.

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