From Sketch to Finished Makes - Knitting Edition by Diane

From Sketch to Finished Makes: Knitting Edition! by Diane

When I first discovered the MyBodyModel app I knew it would be a great resource for planning garment sewing projects but I didn’t know I would become nearly obsessed with sketching! Never really considering myself a “sketcher,” I realized all too quickly that you really don’t need to be to play with this app. I’ve spent many evenings sketching planned garment makes, but then I started sketching clothes I had already made. When I sketched this sweater I had knit for my husband on MyBodyModel croquis, this started me thinking that I could use the croquis to sketch my planned (and also my previously finished) hand knit garments.

MyBodyModel Gambier Jacket Sweater 1 Sketch by Diane

My first knitting sketch: trying on my husband Paul’s sweater, a Gambier Jacket, to see if I should knit one for myself! (Answer: YES.)

The next finished knit I sketched was this Mary Pullover. I find it so fun to play with texture as I am sketching on my iPad using the SketchClub app. This app enables me to use various brushes and lots of colors to achieve the look I am striving to get.

MyBodyModel Mary Pullover Sweater Sketch by DianeMyBodyModel Mary Pullover Sweater Finished Make by Diane

Mary Pullover sketch and finished make


It was also fun to achieve the So Faded look in this sweater I knit last year.

MyBodyModel So Faded Sweater 3 Sketch by DianeMyBodyModel So Faded Sweater 3 Finished Make by Diane

So Faded pullover sketch and finished make


But the fun really began when I started sketching my hand knits as they were in the planning process. This Paloma Cardigan was my first ever hand knit cardigan for myself. I love the texture and the cozy oversized style to it. The pattern is an easy to follow one available on Ravelry.

MyBodyModel Paloma Cardigan Sweater Sketch by Diane

MyBodyModel Paloma Cardigan Sweater 4 Finished Make by Diane

Paloma Cardigan sketch and finished make


One of my most recent knit finishes is this Jaycee Cardigan. Knit with Purl Soho Cotton Pure yarn, it is the perfect summer sweater to transition into the California fall where the days are still warm but the nights are cool.

MyBodyModel Jaycee Cardigan Sweater 5 Sketch by Diane

Jaycee Cardigan sketch


My husband and I had so much fun on location recently taking photos and pretending I was a super model.

MyBodyModel Jaycee Cardigan Sweater 5 Finished Make by Diane

MyBodyModel Jaycee Cardigan Sweater 5 Finished Make 2 by Diane

MyBodyModel Jaycee Cardigan Sweater 5 Finished Make Closeup by Diane

Jaycee Cardigan super model!

Another recent finish is the Truss Tunic. Knit with linen yarn and fingering weight wool, held double, this is another great transition into fall piece; and that fuchsia color is probably one of my favorites.

MyBodyModel Truss Tunic Sweater 6 Sketch by Diane

MyBodyModel Truss Tunic Sweater 6 Finished Make by Diane

Truss Tunic sketch and finished make


Remember that first photo when I was wearing Paul’s sweater? I decided I needed one of my own, so it is what is on my needles right now.

MyBodyModel Gambier Jacket Sweater 7 Sketch by Diane

MyBodyModel Gambier Jacket Sweater 7 WIP by Diane

Gambier Jacket sketch and WIP


I know now to always sketch first which makes the planning process even more fun. I wish I could knit faster…I have so many ideas in my head right now. But, with the MyBodyModel app I can at least get them sketched out and start auditioning yarn for each project.

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