Kari MyBodyModel Fall Sewing Plans Sketchbook

Too many ideas? How I focus my sewing plans with MyBodyModel, by Kari

Is it fall yet? We’ve started cooking chili and soups at our home in Atlanta willing the cooler temps. No luck so far. The same is true for my fall sewing plans. “If you make it, fall will come”… right?!?! My cravings for new fall basics are intense right now like waiting for the first Pumpkin Spiced Latte.


If you’re like me, you have tons of ideas and possibilities for new makes floating around in your head; more than you could ever sew. And all it takes is one insane fabric find or a new pattern release to throw a wrench in my plans. I also teach sewing at Topstitch Studio & Lounge, a modern sewing shop specializing in garment sewing. It’s important that I’m always wearing something I’ve made, so my sewing queue is hardly ever short or manageable. One more bonus is sewing for my new postpartum body. My rambling sewing issues can really get me stressed, but MyBodyModel app has been a game changer for me. Having an accurate croquis of my measurements has been key in organizing my sewing plans.


As a textile designer, my method for generating new content is to cast a wide net for inspiration and widdle it down to my final designs. It’s no different when it comes to my sewing plans. I love all of the layouts included in the MyBodyModel download, but in my crazy mind, 8 max wasn’t enough. I made myself a sheet with 24 croquis so I could basically do a brain dump of what I want to make for fall.

Kari MyBodyModel Sketchbook Chronicles Fall Sewing Plans 1


I like to sketch all of the different patterns and fabric combinations I’m thinking of and see how the silhouette looks on my mom bod (yes, I have my croquis file saved as “mom bod”).  I have a 2yr old daughter and I am still learning how to get the best fit on this new postpartum frame. I hate clothes that cling to my waist, but realize a defined waist is more flattering than my love of all things boxy. I feel like I’m starting from scratch with my handmade wardrobe right now with regards to basics, but I also have to deal with wanting to #sewallthethings. MyBodyModel app is invaluable for navigating this dilemma of mine. First, it allows me to see and design for my body. Second, it allows me to sort & filter all of my sewing ideas visually.


Kari MyBodyModel Sketchbook Chronicles Fall Sewing Plans 2


After cramming all of the possible looks onto my sheet of 24, I was able to get an overall picture of what’s working as well as bring me back to my sewing/wardrobe goals. I gravitate towards a classic relaxed fit style where staple pieces like jeans, tees, and layering pieces are the main ingredients.


Kari MyBodyModel Sketchbook Chronicles Fall Sewing Favorite Silhouettes

Kari MyBodyModel Sketchbook Chronicles Fall Favorite Garments

    My favorite basics shown here: Morgan Jeans, Kalle Shirt Dress, Wiksten Tank, Inari Tee, Virginia Leggings, Willow Tank, Linden Sweatshirt, Sapporo Coat.


After allowing myself to play with some trendy jumpsuit sketches & too many loungy Hudson joggers, I brought myself back down to earth where making my everyday denim is of the utmost importance. I then picked my top 3 looks to create the foundation for my fall wardrobe.


Kari MyBodyModel Sketchbook Chronicles Fall Sewing Plans - Top 3

My top three looks: Kalle Shirtdress, Ruffle Sleeve Top with Morgan Jeans, and Striped Tee Cardigan Hack with Ginger Jeans


Everything for fall revolves around my Morgans and Gingers. I have a pair of wearable muslins for each, but after reading the life-changing Pants for Real People, it’s finally time to make adjustments to the pattern and get these custom jeans of mine finished. I can’t bear my beautiful uncut Cone Mills black denim staring at me any longer! Rounding out my denim is a long, almost maxi Kalle Shirt Dress in a black cupro that’s so luscious and a long striped cardigan my wardrobe has been desperately lacking because “I can make that.”


Kari MyBodyModel Sketchbook Chronicles Kalle Shirtdress

Kalle Shirt Dress in luscious black cupro


I’m planning to use the Hey June tutorial for turning a T-shirt into a cardigan, but still undecided if I want to do the Lark or Mandy Boat Tee as my base pattern. Along with getting my jean fit right, I’ve also been meaning to make that perfect everyday T-shirt. I’m planning to adjust my Lark tee pattern to best fit my body’s uniqueness (read: slash & spread).


Kari MyBodyModel Sketchbook Chronicles T Shirt Cardigan Hack

Striped Lark Tee or Mandy Boat Tee cardigan hack + Ginger jeans


After that, there’s room for a little flare in the form of the In The Folds Ruffle Sleeve Top. To pick the fabric, I laid out the linen from my stash. The chartreuse linen I recently picked up immediately stuck out as a great option for this top & pop of color amongst my neutral staples.


Kari MyBodyModel Sketchbook Chronicles Fabrics for Ruffle Sleeve Top

All the linen fabrics in my stash – So many choices!


A little more illustration on my croquis helped me to seal the deal on it.


Kari MyBodyModel Sketchbook Chronicles Ruffle Sleeve Top

In the Folds Ruffle Sleeve Top in chartreuse linen + Morgan Jeans


It may seem kind of backwards, but once I’ve “seen” what I want to make, then I can properly make up a master sewing plan. I use a bullet journal for my day-to-day organization and roll-out of my sewing plans. At the start of the season, I make a master list and then break it down during the week.


Kari MyBodyModel Sketchbook Chronicles Fall Sewing List Bullet Journal 1


Kari MyBodyModel Sketchbook Chronicles Fall Sewing List Bullet Journal 2


I like to leave room for loose sketches & notes on my current makes. Now it’s time to start checking some boxes! Who’s with me? What do you have in your queue? Basics or fun quirky pieces?

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