MyBodyModel sketch and photo by Mel Thorley @handmadebyditsytulip

Launch Love: What people are saying about MyBodyModel Beta

After so many months of development and testing, it’s been incredible to finally put MyBodyModel Beta out into world. I am blown away by the passionate and emotional response that our creative community is having to this product.

Here are just a few examples of posts from the last few days:

  • You have got to check out this amazing tool!!! This is me! It is so good to see me on paper!! I’m having so many feelings…this is so powerful for sewists but dang, on a personal level too (was not expecting that). I feel no inclination to judge my parts…..I’m just so happy to see me represented! And to have a clear understanding of what I’m working with in the most non critical way possible, because soooo many things are starting to make sense!” – Amanda @ac_makes


  • “For me my body model has really helped me to decide which garment I want to make from my fabric. It allowed me to see what it’s likely to look  like on my body shape. I’ve also been amazed that it helps to show what looks good and what does not, e.g. I could see what necklines look best on  my body shape.” – Mel –@handmadebyditsytulip



MyBodyModel sketch and photo by Mel Thorley @handmadebyditsytulip

Mel Thorley @handmadebyditsytulip uses her custom fashion croquis from MyBodyModel to sketch her sewing plans.


  • “My Body. Sewing – more than anything else – has taught me to accept/love my body. Measurements are objective and simply used as information to make clothes that are comfortable, beautiful, and functional. My shape is matter of fact and not something to apologize for, hide, be ashamed of, or alter unhealthily. Have you heard about @mybodymodel ?? IT IS AMAZING! Erica (the designer) launched a Kickstarter campaign to make a program that will take our measurements and generate a customized croquis! I backed the Kickstarter a while back and just got a sneak peek at the beta version. It took about 20 minutes to input my measuments and make tweaks, and when my little person was generated (quickly) I literally gasped and grinned ear to ear. I took in the broad shoulders, long/straight waist and flat chest and didn’t see flaws — I saw POSSIBILITIES! So many outfits to sketch and dream and SEW!! It’s amazing. Seriously.” – Michelle @handmademartini


  • “When you can sketch out your ravelry queue in advance, before you spend 200 hours knitting a sweater that ends up not being quite your style. @mybodymodel made a program to get a fashion croquis custom made to your measurements—length of arms and legs, everything. These projects are up next in my queue and I like them all: which should I make next??” – Julie @rljulie

Julie @rljulie sketches her knitting queue on her MyBodyModel templates

Julie @rljulie sketches her Ravelry knitting queue on her MyBodyModel templates.


  • “You Guys, seriously the best thing since sliced bread, FO REAL. First, let me start off by saying I am in no way affiliated with My Body Model, just love the product. Second, here is my croqui. This is what my body looks like (I think I need to get help to remeasure my inseam, but that is my fault not the apps) Those things on the side, those aren’t my hips those are straight up love handles, and I have learned to love them. I eat well, I workout 3-5 days a week, but I’m on meds that cause me to gain weight, and that is a battle. Could I totally get rid of them, yes, but I love beer, and ice cream and food, and I’m not willing to give those things up. The hardest part is always finding what looks best on me. I know I can’t be the only one who has sewn something up, and after it is all done and looks beautiful, you try it on, and then it doesn’t look good 😭.  I am happy I don’t have to worry about that anymore because now I can sketch out my sewing projects on my croqui, and that is awesome! I don’t know about you but I love my handles and love my croqui. Thanks @mybodymodel for making such an awesome product for our community. And ladies love your body. You are beautiful 😙”- Tammy @dhfabricsandco


  • “trying out and loving the personalized croquis from @mybodymodel. this is me, friends!! look at those powerful thighs! those gangly arms! it will be so nice to be able to sketch new designs onto *my* body. #croquis #dressmaker #garmentmaker#seamstress #sometimesidonthatemybody” – Sara @sara.sponda


  • “I am so happy with #mybodymodel custom croquis! The website was intuitive and easy to enter my measurements. Can’t wait to sketch more inspiration!  #mybodyisart#ilovemybody #ilovesewing #ilovesewingformybody” – Whitney @whitstitchesllc

Whitney @whitstitchesllc uses her croquis from MyBodyModel to try out different sleeve lengths before sewing.

Whitney @whitstitchesllc uses her croquis from MyBodyModel to try out different sleeve lengths before sewing.


Thank you all for all the love you have shown for this new product – and for your beautiful and unique bodies!  I can’t wait to see more sketches using your new custom croquis from MyBodyModel Beta –  If you post on social media, please be sure to tag us #mybodymodel and @mybodymodel. I will only share your words and images with permission.


Happy Sketching!

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Featured image by Mel Thorley @handmadebyditsytulip

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