MyBodyModel Sketches by Megan @SomedaySewing

4 Ways that I’ve Used MyBodyModel to Plan My Sewing Projects, by Megan

When Erica asked me to be a tester for MyBodyModel, I was thrilled for more than one reason! Firstly, I couldn’t wait to see some patterns on a plus-size body. As a plus-size sewer it is often hard to see myself in the same clothes as the tall, willowy models on the covers of pattern envelopes. I just have to sew the item up and see how it works on my body. Even when plus-size models are used, visualizing a pattern on your 5 foot 3 inch tall body can still be a challenge. Ashley Graham, I am not!


Secondly, I could imagine how I might use MyBodyModel to test out some of my pattern modifications in sketches before I even cut into my fabric! How fantastic is that? I don’t know about you, but I cannot seem to follow pattern instructions to save my life. Often times I am altering before I even know it’s happening! Usually I am adding sleeves and pockets. (Sleeveless is great, it’s just not my style.) Also, pockets in EVERYTHING!


Of all of the templates in the MyBodyModel packet I found myself gravitating towards the 3 body layout. I like the way you can immediately compare your alterations side-by-side. Personally, I like to draw the original pattern on the left model and modify as I move across the page.


Here are four different ways that I’ve used the 3-models per page layout to plan my sewing projects:


1) Comparing different pattern views

MyBodyModel Sketch of McCall Sewing Pattern M7596 by Megan @SomedaySewing

Here I used my 3-models-per-page template from MyBodyModel to compare three different views of M7596 by The McCall Pattern Company


2) Sketching self-drafted project ideas

MyBodyModel sketches of self drafted top by Megan @SomedaySewing

Here I used my 3-models-per-page template from MyBodyModel to try out three different versions of a self-drafted square top


3) Exploring pattern modifications and hacks

From adding sleeves to color-blocking, the possibilities are endless!

MyBodyModel Sketches of Seamwork Catarina Dress Pattern by Megan @SomedaySewing

Here I used the 3-models layout to sketch three different versions of the Seamwork Catarina dress pattern


MyBodyModel Sketches of Seamwork Georgia dress by Megan @SomedaySewing

Here I used the 3-models layout to explore fabric direction, pattern placement, and color blocking ideas for the Seamwork Georgia dress pattern


4) Designing a refashioned garment

I decided to test out my refashioning skills with a RTW Modcloth dress that I bought many moons ago. It has never been worn or out of my closet. It fits for the most part, but I just don’t like the way it lays. I think it has survived several closet purges because it is really bright and unlike anything else I own.


Megan wearing ModCloth dress to refashion


See? Not great looking. I sketched out a couple of options, first as a flowy tank top and then as a skirt. The neck pleats were really my least favorite part of the dress so I went with the skirt.


MyBodyModel Sketches for ModCLoth Dress Refashion by Megan @SomedaySewing


First I measured the length of the skirt I wanted. The ideal length was 25″ on the red and off-white outer skirt and 24″ on the off-white under skirt. Since I was using 1.5″ waistband elastic I went ahead and added 2″ to that. Measuring from the bottom of the outer skirt I cut 27″ off. Measuring from the bottom of the underskirt I cut 26″ off.


ModCloth Dress Refashion Prep Photo


I’m lazy so I kept the hem in the skirts and just folded over the edge that I had cut at the top to create the elastic waistband casing. It was done in no time!


ModCloth Dress Refashion Prep Photo


Before and After Skirt refashioned from ModCloth Dress by Megan @SomedaySewing


Voila! I think it is much more my style and will actually get worn. I only have a little bit of fabric left from the shoulders and neck that will go into my scrap bin. I’m so glad I had a way to visualize how I could refashion this dress and I can’t wait to try more!


4 Ways to Plan My Sewing with MyBodyModel by Megan @SomedaySewing


6 thoughts on “4 Ways that I’ve Used MyBodyModel to Plan My Sewing Projects, by Megan”

  1. Wow, your fashion is great. Good job. I love seeing before and after shots, especially when it is such a success. I guess I should get moving on my Iroquois. I love mybodymodel.

  2. Hi Megan, I so appreciate you posting your pictures of your petite silhouette. I am also 5.3” and plus size so it’s good to get the perspective on a croquis my size. I’m just checking out the app and the other blog post I read was from Mel (Ditzy Tulip) and she is slim. Anyway thank you Val.

  3. I love how you used the material for a top with the white/cream bottom. It looks sooo sophisticated and rich.
    Thanks for sharing real pictures after made up.

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