How do I use MyBodyModel to document & plan my sewing projects by Nathalie

Documenting & planning my sewing with MyBodyModel, by Nathalie

Belgium-based sewing blogger and YouTuber Nathalie of Atelier 292 shares how drawing on her body model croquis has helped her to organize her projects -from documenting to planning her sewing, to discovering her signature style. She even made a video to show how she does it!

When I discovered MyBodyModel, I found the initiative very interesting, but I had some doubts about how a sketch could help us to accept ourselves.

And then, I tried it out and I must admit, it was a big revelation. I’ve always had a hard time having a precise image of my body, which made it difficult to identify what really suited me. 

Following a color and body shape analysis workshop, I decided to draw my latest creations on my MyBodyModel fashion croquis to see what they looked like on paper, and that was immediately revealing.

In the workshop I was suggested to wear wrap-oversand indeed, when I look at the drawing of my figure with a wrap-over, it jumps out at me, more than when I look in the mirror:

Zadie Jumpsuit and Yaletown Blouse MyBodyModel fashion sketches by Nathalie Atelier292
Sketching my makes on my body model croquis: Zadie Jumpsuit – Paper Theory and Yaletown Blouse – Sewaholic

Documenting vs. planning my sewing

When I started using my MyBodyModel templates it was mainly to document my projects, to keep track of my different achievements. I used for this a notebook in which I transferred my croquis, on which I drew my make and colored it in afterwards.

For this new season, I decided to use it to plan my future projects upstream.

The last few months, I’ve been focusing on the gaps in my wardrobe, sewing much more thoughtfully than I have done in the past.

Having identified this difficulty in knowing what suits me or not, I now use my croquis to draw my future project and assess whether or not I like the way it looks on me. I like to use my 3-models-per-page printable sketch page.

Thoughts on color

I also decided not to color my fashion sketches any more. Color is very important to me and I couldn’t reproduce my visions faithfully. It frustrated me a lot.

So I now prefer to leave them in black and white to focus on the garment silhouette. Then I attach a piece of the fabric in which I will sew my garment. As I sew some sewing patterns several times, it’s a better solution for me.

Orchid Midi and Avid Seamstress Blouse MyBodyModel fashion sketches by Nathalie Atelier292
If I plan to make multiple versions of a pattern, I just draw it once and attach multiple fabric swatches. Orchid Midi – Chalk and Notch and The blouse – The Avid Seamstress

Planning my sewing queue

I just watched season 1 of “Next in fashion” on Netflix and it motivates me even more to draw before embarking on my sewing projects. 🙂

For this spring season, I had fun testing different sewing patterns on my croquis.

Kelly Anorak Sienna Jacket Trench Luzerne MyBodyModel fashion sketches by Nathalie Atelier292
I tested 3 jackets: Kelly Anorak – Closet Case , Sienna Jacket – Closet Case , and Trench Luzerne – Deer and Doe. Which one is your favorite?
Amherst shirt Persephone Pants Sasha Trousers Fiore Skirt MyBodyModel fashion sketches by Nathalie Atelier292
I tried out new outfit combinations to go with the last pattern I bought (Amherst Shirt – Hey June Handmade). I wanted to see how it would look with different bottoms including Persephone Pants – Anna Allen Clothing , Sasha Trousers – Closet Case, and Fiore Skirt – Closet Case
Shelby dress Jupe peach New Look K6560 MyBodyModel fashion sketches by Nathalie Atelier292
…And I also drew a few other patterns from my stash that are waiting to be sewn 🙂  New Look K6560 , Shelby dress – True bias , and Jupe Peach – Joli Lab

Discovering my favorite styles

By doing these different tests, I’ve identified a silhouette that I really like: fitted jacket, cigarette pants and a floaty blouse. This is probably what I will focus on for my next projects, plus a wrap dress that is sorely lacking in my wardrobe!

From sketch to finished

My new sketching process helps me not only with planning but also documenting my sewing makes. Here are 3 projects I’ve already sewn :

A little video to show my sketching process

I often get very positive comments when I post a photo of my body model sketches on Instagram. I thought that a little video to show you how I do it might be of interest to you.

I actually laminated a page with my MyBodyModel croquis and I use this laminated sheet to trace. Then, I dress my figure based on the technical drawing of the pattern or based on a picture … it’s as simple as that!

Drawing my makes now completely part of my sewing process, all the way from making mood boards, to planning and documenting my makes. I really enjoy it!

...We’d love to hear from you below: How do you plan and document your garment making projects? Do you prefer to color in your sketches, or leave them as outlines?

2 thoughts on “Documenting & planning my sewing with MyBodyModel, by Nathalie”

  1. I really have learned a lot from “My Body Model” sketching as well. I now sketch some patterns on my croque before I decide to make them. It helps you decide not only the style of the garment, but what length pants, top, or dresses look better on your figure. It also helps to allow you to mix and match other garments you have traced and make better matches within your wardrobe.

  2. Thanks for another insight in how MyBodyModel can help plan my makes. Different approaches to using the tool work for different people.

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