My Personalized Sewing Planner by Elana
Sewing Planner
Elana Nunez-Tiso

My Personalized Sewing Planner, by Elana

As the holiday frenzy starts to die down each December, I find myself looking ahead to the new year. For a planner like me, that means buying fresh new notebooks and pens and carving out time for goal setting and planning. I’m a relatively new garment sewist and earlier this year I realized that I

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MyBodyModel Sewing Planner or Life Goals Planner
Erica Schmitz

MyBodyModel: Sewing Planner or Life Goals Planner?

We’re almost two months into 2019, and I’ve been taking a different approach to my goal setting this year. Instead of writing out my goals as a list, I’ve been using my body model sewing planner as a practical way to visualize what I might want to be wearing (and how I want to be feeling)

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Sketching my Kibbe wardrobe with MyBodyModel, by Doctor T
Doctor T

Sketching my Kibbe wardrobe with MyBodyModel, by Doctor T

Have you fallen down the Kibbe style ID rabbit hole yet? Guest blogger and Sew Your Kibbe Challenge organizer, Doctor T shares how she used her custom croquis from MyBodyModel to plan a cohesive capsule wardrobe following the Kibbe style system. .        .        . It may seem odd for

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MyBodyModel Summer Capsule Wardrobe Sketches by Jaylyn Pace Handmade 3 - - simple outline sketches
Jaylyn Pace

Planning a Summer Capsule Wardrobe with My Custom Croquis, by Jaylyn

Today I’m sharing some sneak peaks at what is in my sewing queue and how I’ve determined what I’m going to sew using the MyBodyModel App! I love the 8-models-per-page layout for long term planning because it really helps me visualize the patterns together to see if I’m liking the direction my sewing plans are

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MyBodyModel Knitting Planner Styles Sketch by Julie Steiner
Julie Steiner

5 ways to use MyBodyModel to plan your knitting projects, by Julie

Knitting is a patient person’s hobby. A single article of clothing has thousands of stitches, and thousands of chances to vary choices and change the outcome. That’s why I find the MyBodyModel tool so helpful to think through in advance the choices I will make along the way–fit, length, gauge, and myriad of potential design

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