MyBodyModel Sketch to Finished Cozy Winter Clothes by Megan

MyBodyModel Sketch to Finished! Cozy Winter Clothes, by Megan

Since her last post, Megan’s been busy using her MyBodyModel croquis and sewing planner! Today she shares her winter makes along with her original sketches, featuring luscious stretch velvet and cozy wool plaid! She also gives us a sneak peek at what’s next in her sewing queue…


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I love winter! The crisp air, drifting snowflakes, and a cozy mug of hot chocolate. When the cold air moved in I had already been dreaming up some nice warm clothes for the season. I’ve been using my MyBodyModel croquis to help plan my winter wardrobe.

Seamwork Osaka Skirt in Plaid Wool

I’m a fan of Seamwork Patterns and I have been waiting for the right fabrics to come along to make the reversible Seamwork Osaka skirt. While in Edinburgh I picked up a classic black and white plaid wool.


Since I didn’t know what I would be making I did not purchase enough for both sides of the Osaka skirt. I decided to use some deep purple scraps to finish it off! I used MyBodyModel to plan out the color blocking.


MyBodyModel Sketches Seamwork Osaka Skirt by Megan

I love the way it turned out!

Seamwork Osaka Skirt by Megan

MyBodyModel Sketch to Finished Seamwork Osaka Reversible Skirt by Megan


Cashmerette Appleton Wrap Dress in Green Velvet

I have been looking forward to working with stretch velvet for over a year! It is a trend that I am loving. This beautiful sage green stretch velvet that will be perfect for holiday parties this winter. The Cashmerette Appleton seemed like the perfect fit. I’ve made one for my Mom and I decided I needed one as well!

MyBodyModel Sketch Cashmerette Appleton Dress by Megan


I’m very happy with how it turned out! I cannot wait to wear it out with some leggings and boots! Holidays, I am ready for you!

Velvet Cashmerette Appleton Dress by Megan

MyBodyModel Sketch to Finished Green Velvet Appleton Wrap Dress by Megan


Seamwork Florence & Dakota Lingerie Set in Luxe Velvet

I’ve got some extra velvet and I would love to make a nice set of luxe underwear. I have made the Seamwork Florence and they lend themselves to using up scrap bits. I think the Seamwork Dakota would make a nice bralette to go with it.

MyBodyModel Sketch Seamwork Dakota Florence by Megan

Up next: [???] in navy cable knit

I like to pick up fabric on vacation and I picked up this navy cable knit fabric while in Chicago. I love blue and I wear it all the time.

Navy Cable Knit Fabric

Now I haven’t finished this make because I still need to decide which sketch I would like to make. The Seamwork Oslo sweater, the Blueprints for Sewing Geodesic Sweatshirt, or another Vogue 9111 that has been lengthened into a dress. After using MyBodyModel to sketch I’m leaning towards the Oslo with some big wooden buttons.

MyBodyModel Sketches Seamwork Oslo Blueprints Geodesic Sweatshirt V9111

MyBodyModel is a great way to plan your projects and even use your scraps! I hope it help you plan a warm and cozy winter wardrobe!


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