FAQ MyBodyModel 1.0 Updates

FAQ: MyBodyModel Version 1.0 Updates

Below are responses to some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the app update from MyBodyModel Beta to Version 1.0. The MyBodyModel web app will update from Beta to Version 1.0 on Thursday, January 24, 2019.  With these updates, you’ll be able to use your measurements to make a body model croquis that is more accurate than ever.

“Will I have to pay to use the app?” Entering your measurements and creating a preview image of your body model is still FREE! Only pay if you choose to download your body model.

“What measurements will I need to create my body model?”  This 1-page Quick Start Guide is a printable list of all the required measurements. Here is our updated Measurement Guide with full instructions and photos. And as always, please still be sure to print the test swatch before selecting your line color!

“How can I see the new back view of my body model?” The back views are not visible in Preview mode. They are part of the new download package, including JPEG image file and printable Project Planner.

“What’s included in the new download package?” With MyBodyModel 1.0, every download package includes your body model as JPEG image files and a printable PDF Project Planner – including back views of your body model! Click here for a 38-second preview video of the new Project Planner pages. Here is the full Table of Contents.

“What if I have a remaining credit balance – Will I still be able to use my credits?” Yes! If you have unspent Credit in your account, you can use it anytime. The update from Beta to 1.0 will not affect your Credit balance. You can keep track of your available Credit balance by clicking on the account icon in the top screen menu when you log into the app.

“What if I’ve already created a body model in the app but haven’t purchased it yet?” If you’ve already entered your measurements and created a body model draft, your body model draft is still saved in the system. You can log into your account and find your saved model draft under My Portfolio – Saved Models. To update your model to the updated version, click on the options icon and select “Edit.” This will take you to the measurement form, where you can review and update your measurements as needed. Click “Save My Body Model” to see your updated body model preview.  Then you can continue edit your body model as needed for free, until you are ready to purchase it.

“What if I’ve already purchased my body model download package in the Beta version? Will it update automatically to the new version?”
Purchased body model downloads are static files; they will not update automatically to the new version. You will need to use a Credit to purchase your new body model package. (You will still be able to access previously purchased files under My Portfolio – Purchased Files). Beta customers will receive a special discount code so that you can purchase new download Credits at a significant discount. To edit or update your body model after the 1.0 launch: Go to My Portfolio – Saved Models. Find your saved model draft, click on the options icon and select “Edit.” This will take you to the measurement form, where you can review and update your measurements as needed. Click “Save My Body Model” to see your updated body model preview.  Then you can continue edit your body model as needed, until you are ready to click “Purchase.”

I hope this information is helpful! I’ll be adding to this FAQ as new questions come up. If you run into any issues with the app, please check out our updated post, “Top 5 Troubleshooting Tips for Creating a Body Model That You’ll Love” -Includes solutions to “funky knee situation,” “what happened to my shoulders,” “my hips  look weird” and more!

Please also email anytime: help@mybodymodel.com.

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