4 Jacket Sewing Patterns! Trying on styles & fabrics with MyBodyModel, by Sierra

4 Jacket Sewing Patterns! Trying on styles & fabrics with MyBodyModel, by Sierra

With so many great jacket sewing patterns out there, it can be hard to choose where to start! Sierra used her digital body model croquis as a virtual fitting room to “try on” the different silhouettes, colors, and fabrics that are on her wishlist – including both neutral and BOLD choices!

Hey y’all! The temperature has dropped here in Georgia, and it is officially jacket season. Most mornings I feel a chill in the air, and I’ve started layering outerwear over my beloved summer garments. I know that I’ll eventually have to move on to full winter mode, but I am loving extending my warm weather clothes by adding outerwear. There have been a lot of new jacket sewing patterns released in the past few months, and I am super excited to use my custom croquis to try them on. 

1. Pona Jacket sewing pattern

First up we have the Pona jacket sewing pattern from Helen’s Closet. I was a tester for this pattern and chose to make the longer view. I wanted to sketch out the shorter view to see where I’d like the hem to hit on my body. I’ve been trying the cropped silhouette a bit more recently, but haven’t made anything that was cropped and oversized. This pattern is a relaxed fit jacket with a dropped shoulder and exaggerated lapel. I’ve had a vision of a neon suit since seeing a cast member of Shrill wearing a bright colored suit on the red carpet earlier this year. I recently made a pair of neon green Glebe pants and I think the cropped version of the Pona jacket would give me the casual suit vibe I imagined.

MyBodyModel fashion sketch by Sierra - Cropped Pona Jacket neon green suit
My Shrill-inspired neon green suit! Featuring a cropped Pona Jacket to go with my neon Glebe Pants.

2. Cambria Duster sewing pattern

Next we have the updated Cambria duster jacket sewing pattern from Friday Pattern Company. It is a midi length unlined duster with ties. The coolest feature about this pattern is the dramatic collar. I think it would be fun to make the Cambria in a variety of fabrics. I have some blue wool that would make for a warm layer with added style. I think a rayon challis with a bold print would also be a great layering piece for warmer weather. I can see wearing this with a Concord t shirt, Morgan jeans, and slip on sneakers for a fun weekend brunch vibe. A suede Cambria would look great with a Zadie jumpsuit for a special occasion as well. This pattern seems pretty versatile depending on fabric choice and styling. As a bonus, you could also try this pattern in a knit!

MyBodyModel fashion sketch by Sierra -Cambria Duster in blue wool
The Cambria Duster would be great in so many different fabrics! Here it is in a soft blue wool,

3. Chilton Trench Coat sewing pattern

The Chilton trench coat by Cashmerette isn’t a newly released pattern, but it is a great coat option with cup sizes built in. This fully lined coat has all of the features of a traditional trench coat, and can be made in a variety of fabrics. I made the shorter view out of a cotton twill last Spring. For a Fall version, I’d like to try the longer length in a bright color. My sister has a royal blue dress coat that I’ve been looking to copy for a while now. I think a lightweight wool or heavy canvas would be an excellent option for this view. I might use matching thread for the topstitching to give it a sleek finish. I would definitely wear this to work and the longer length can provide extra protection from the elements.

MyBodyModel fashion sketch by Sierra - Chilton Trench Coat in royal blue
A bold take on the classic trenchcoat! Chilton Trench Coat in royal blue canvas

4. Sienna Maker Jacket sewing pattern

The last jacket I wanted to try on was the Sienna maker jacket sewing pattern from Closet Case Patterns. It is a utility jacket with a vintage flair. One of my favorite features of the jacket is the number of pockets included. There are pockets on the sleeve, at the hip, and even hidden inside the jacket. I have some green denim in my stash that would make a pretty cool Sienna. I want to try contrast topstitching to accentuate the lines of the jacket. I’d like style this pattern with my Ames jeans and a turtleneck for a chic and sophisticated look.

MyBodyModel fashion sketch by Sierra - Sienna Maker Jacket in green denim
Sienna Maker Jacket in green denim & all the pockets! Worn with my Ames jeans and a turtleneck.

I have fabric for most of these jackets, and I have a feeling that I’m going to be making outerwear for the foreseeable future. I am really excited to play with design details on my croquis before making the final garment.

Do you have any jacket sewing patterns on your wishlist? Do you prefer neutral or BOLD fabric choices for your jackets? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 Jacket Patterns Virtual Fitting Room Trying on patterns & fabrics with MyBodyModel by Sierra
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