How I used MyBodyModel to find my Style by Jaylyn

Finding My Style with MyBodyModel, by Jaylyn

I’ve always been a little envious of people who seem to have a really clear sense of personal style. Right now I feel like my “style” for the last few years has been running shorts (even though I don’t run), t-shirts, jeans, this one double gauze button down from Target, and my Chacos…


Now that I’m 30 and have had 3 kids I am all of a sudden more self-conscious than ever and feel more “lost” than ever in developing my personal style. I mean, how do you dress a body that has a significantly different shape than it did 5 years ago.


In the last year I have thought more and more about this as I have started sewing for myself. I have more freedom now. My accessible style is not limited because I can create almost anything I’d like to. The fact remains, though, that most of the time I get paralyzed looking at patterns because I still don’t know if the final garment going to look good on me.


Enter the MyBodyModel app! This little tool has become my best friend when it comes to figuring out my personal style. Now, don’t get me wrong…my style is still not super defined and very much a work in progress, but I can see myself making small steps in the right direction.




Previously, I would just go to Pinterest and search “pear shaped style” and/or “hourglass figure fashion” because I feel like if I am going to put my body into a category it falls into one or both of those. When the suggestions pop up, though, I don’t necessarily feel drawn to many of the style suggestions….dramatic a-line skirts, ruffle tops, and fitted dresses. None of these really fit into my “stay at home mom” lifestyle. There’s also a lot of pictures of Kim Kardashian…and well, she’s just not really my “style icon”…


So, what do I do? And how does my custom croquis fit into this?


First, I went to my closet and separated everything into two categories:


  1. Things I never wear or when I do, I don’t feel good in them
  2. Things I wear all the time and love!




Second, I went back through old pictures of myself. This might sound weird, but I tend to only grab a picture with me in it when I’m wearing something I feel confident in. Anything in a picture that was also in category number 2 above, I put into a final grouping.




I took these items and put them onto my 8x custom croquis page.



Sketches of my most-worn garments including the Myosotis Dress (peplum top hack) , Coco Top, Patricia Dress, Out & About Dress, Marigold Trouser (wide-leg hack) and Ayda Dress.


Then I analyzed it. I looked at my croquis, at my personal photos, and at the clothes themselves. I looked for specific shapes and silhouettes, colors, and even fabric types and I tried to pull some very specific observations that I could then translate into a “style description.”




Here are a few of the things I noticed:


  • I like garments that accentuate my slimmer waist.
  • I prefer solid colors and simple silhouettes.
  • Most of my favorite clothes are tailored, but comfortable.
  • I wear a LOT of red & blue.




I have taken these & other style observations and made a sort of “personal style guide” on my croquis to keep nearby when I am shopping for new patterns and/or shopping for RTW styles (yes, I do still buy clothes). I am hoping this will take away some of that “paralysis” when I am shopping and give me more confidence in the choices I make. Then, once I see something that I think fits my “style guide” I will draw it up on one of the croquis to get a better look.




I have a new excitement now for clothing and style and a lot of that comes from sewing my own clothes. I feel like turning 30, completing our family after the birth of our twins, and continuing to learn and develop my love for sewing has opened up new excitement in figuring out my personal style and learning to dress for me and my body!



Photos of me wearing my most-worn makes including the Marigold Trouser (wide-leg hack),  Myosotis Dress (peplum top hack) , Out & About Dress, Coco Top, and Ayda Dress.


How about you? Have you nailed down your own personal style? Are you still working on it? I’d encourage you to give your custom croquis a try while you are working on developing your style! You can get a free preview here and then download all the different layouts to start designing! Let me know in the comments what you think about your own style or how you’re working on developing it!


3 thoughts on “Finding My Style with MyBodyModel, by Jaylyn”

  1. This is a much more practical way for me to nail down my personal style and purge my closet at the same time! It is a reality check via what I actually do wear and feel comfortable in. I had not thought to use MyBodyModel this way. Thanks for such practical advice!

  2. What a good idea to take note of th things you do like to wear & try to figure out wear. I recently pulled a bunch of autumn/winter clothes & did some serious thinking about why I DON’T wear them, but I didn’t think much about the pros. Thankfully a lot of my cons are fixable (like a wonky hem that I just need to re-sew), & I did learn some valuable information from thinking about the negatives, but next time I will try to think more about the positives too!

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