MyBodyModel Swimwear Sketches by Andie Wells line drawings

Sketchbook Chronicles: Swimsuit Edition, by Andie



Step 1: Have a body.

Step 2: Put a swimsuit on that body.

Step 3: You have a swimsuit body.


I firmly believe that every body is a swimsuit body. Not only that but swimming is for everyone. It is, in my opinion, one of the best ways of getting exercise and having fun. It is great for people with joint issues and is low impact. For me, it’s getting out of the water that is the problem…in that I love swimming so much that I don’t want to get out! With all these benefits, everyone should be able to feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit.


MyBodyModel can help you plan out the best swimsuit for you to get you in the water.


I used the set of three layout to plan in two different ways.


First Way


I used the set of three to plan out three different views of the Cashmerette Ipswich swimsuit:


MyBodyModel Ipswich Swimsuit Sketches by Andie Wells


The first is view B of the pattern: the two piece. This is actually the one that I cut out to sew this week! I loved the look of having the black swimsuit material on the side panels and the centre panels in the print. It really made the lightning print pop in the sketch.



The second sketch is of view A of the pattern: the one piece. For this view, I played with two different scale prints. I put a small triangle cut out at centre bust to use power net and also played with the idea of using power net in the side panels on the bottom. I also love the idea of the green scale print on the bottom and the pink on the top for a bit of a call to The Little Mermaid.



The third sketch is of an expansion pack for a tankini for the Ipswich. I really want to try this view. I don’t have all the materials for what I planned here, but I started with the blue on blue striped swimknit and then planned out from there. I like the idea of putting the horizontal stripes on the bust and then using polkadots for the skirt with a matching contrast colour for the side panels, waistband, and straps. I definitely need to find a white and red polkadot swimknit to make this sketch a reality!


Second Way


I used the set of three to plan out three different patterns to compare them on my body and help me choose one. I chose not to colour in these sketches since I was mostly figuring out how they would look on me. I did pencil in a bit of print placement, though.


MyBodyModel Swimwear Sketches by Andie Wells line drawings


First sketch uses two patterns that I have already made: Patterns for Pirates Siren swim top and Sailor swim bottoms. I couldn’t resist pairing my aqua and bright pink anchor print with a pattern called the Sailor swim bottoms. While I have made the pattern before, I haven’t made the view with the flounce on the Siren swim top. I really love the way the sketch looks.


MyBodyModel Swimwear Sketch P4P Siren Top by Andie Wells


The second sketch uses another Patterns for Pirates swimsuit: Take the Plunge. This swimsuit has a crossover top and a high waist with waistband. I have a pastel rainbow stripe that would look great in this. I’d angle the stripes to align with the crossover on the top and have them horizontal on the bottom. Again, a great look that I really want to make!

MyBodyModel Swimwear Sketch P4P Take the Plunge by Andie Wells


The third sketch uses Rad Patterns Super Suit. This pattern has multiple views. I really loved the tankini view. The top has side panels and the bust pieces are really flattering. I thought my ombre geometric swim knit would look great. I could really play with the different colours in the fabric. My thoughts are to use pink on top and then darker and darker down the front with black swim bottoms.

MyBodyModel Swimwear Sketch Rad Patterns Super Suit by Andie Wells

The second way didn’t really help me decide on one pattern to use, because now I want to make them all! Luckily, I have tons of swimsuit fabric to make that happen.


I can’t wait to get in the water!

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  1. Danita Courtney

    I really enjoyed your drawings and designs of swimwear! I especially love the sailor fabric! I have been eyeing it for a few weeks now! Best wishes on summer sewing adventures!!! <3

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