MyBodyModel Swimsuit Sketches by Martha @GariChild

Sketchbook Chronicles: Swimsuit Edition, by Martha

I don’t know what it is but the idea of sewing a swimsuit just puts a freeze on my entire being.  In my head it’s just another garment that I need and want in my wardrobe.  It’s just like sewing a knit dress or a knit top with some undies… All of which I’ve done before.  Easy peasy.  Nope… It is sewing a swimsuit.  The mere thought process sends my stomach in overdrive.

Deep breath… Let’s just go through my sewing plan process and see what happens:

  1. Scour Pinterest, Instagram and the internet for all those great swimsuits everyone is making because summer is here and the sewing pattern sales are on and popping.
  2. Buy swimsuit pattern:  Buy, cut, make; in that order.  Makes sense to me.  10 swimsuit patterns added to my pattern stash later… Still no swimsuit.
    …I know what I need; FABRIC!  I don’t know about you but I LOVEEEEEE curating fabric for my sewing projects.  Colors, patterns and cool designs speak to me and motivate me in my sewing because I love seeing the magic when the garment is complete.
  3. Buy fabric:  Order some swimsuit fabric samples to get me going but upon arrival…Whomp Whomp Whommmmppp.  I do not like anything so we’re back to square one… No swimsuit.


What is happening?!?!  I want a swimsuit… I need a swimsuit… I am going to make a swimsuit!!!  So how do I even begin to get over this hump?!?!


MyBodyModel Swimsuit Sketches 1 by Martha @GariChild


Then it hit me! I shot straight to the end of my goal without a clear plan as to what it was I really wanted.  What kind of swimsuit do I want?  What will make me feel good?  What is comfortable?  Time to put pen to paper and Get Out of My Head!  Pulled out MyBodyModel and all of a sudden I can see the magic.  I now see me in a swimsuit.


MyBodyModel Swimsuit Sketches 2 by Martha @GariChild


MyBodyModel has been changing the game in my sewing plans and I find myself a lot more thoughtful of how I manage my limited sewing time.  Being able to “see” the magic on paper before getting on my sewing machine was definitely the motivation that I needed to get over the hump.


MyBodyModel Swimsuit Sketches 4 by Martha @GariChild



Finally a sewing plan of action!!!


MyBodyModel Swimsuit Sketch 3 by Martha @GariChild

  • A sewing pattern has been chosen.
  • Swimsuit fabric has been curated.
  • Muslin is ready to be sewn.

 A swimsuit coming soon!


MyBodyModel Swimsuit Sketches 5 by Martha @GariChild

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