MyBodyModel Sleepwear Sewing Sketches by Jaylyn 2

1 Body, 3 Patterns: Sewing Sleepwear, by Jaylyn

Today, we’re talking sleepwear goals! It feels odd to plan a sleep wardrobe but I just feel like I’m over the t-shirt/gym shorts combo for bedtime. I want some nice, cute (but still comfy) pjs!


I rounded up some inspiration pictures in order to help narrow my pattern options. My “sleepwear style” is pretty basic/classic and my taste is a little expensive….just another reason to sew my own, and this is definitely a time where I know I’m going to save money by doing it myself!


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I’m using my 3 model croquis page from MyBodyModel with my custom croquis to show you the patterns I plan on using and how I intend to tackle this project. This is the perfect layout for picking one pattern for a specific type of garment or to decide between the different views of a pattern you are making.


MyBodyModel Sleepwear Sewing Sketches by Jaylyn 2


After putting together my inspiration board I looked around at sleepwear patterns. There don’t seem to be too many pajama patterns out there, but I do think there are a few indie sleepwear patterns that are perfect for the look and feel that I want.


MyBodyModel Sleepwear Sewing Sketches by Jaylyn 3


First, the Carolyn Pajamas from Closet Case Patterns. These are so popular and everytime I see someone make them I want to bump this project to the top of my sewing list.


Next, the Reef Cami and Shorts from Megan Nielsen Patterns. When I searched for other people’s versions I saw a lot of people use this for day wear, but I definitely think this is the ultimate summer pajama set.


Finally, I combined two different patterns for the last look: the Ogden Cami & the Hudson Pants from True Bias.


MyBodyModel Sleepwear Sewing Sketches by Jaylyn 4


If you had asked me before drawing these out which one I thought I would like the best, I would have said the Carolyn Pajamas. However, after seeing the silhouettes on my body model, I really like the Reef the best. I love the curved hemline option on the shorts and the thicker straps on the cami. It also seems to have a bit more definition around the waist line than the other two patterns which I like on my body. I also think it’s the most summer appropriate pattern.


I’ll still make the other two, but I’m definitely going to be making up the Reef first! So, I took the reef pattern and drew it on one of the full body croquis pages and I LOVE IT! I cannot wait to get started on these!!


MyBodyModel Sleepwear Sewing Sketches by Jaylyn 5


I plan to use some black floral satin that I got for…wait for it….50 cents a yard!! So, basically these pajamas will cost me less than $5.00!! That’s a win in my book!!


MyBodyModel Sleepwear Sewing Sketches by Jaylyn 6


For more Sleepwear inspiration you can check out my Pinterest Board!


MyBodyModel Sleepwear Sewing Sketches by Jaylyn 7


Have you sewn your own sleepwear before? What’s your favorite pattern?


Be sure to check out your free body model preview and get started designing your handmade looks!


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1 thought on “1 Body, 3 Patterns: Sewing Sleepwear, by Jaylyn”

  1. First sewed my own sleepwear in school needlework classes, age 12. Full length sleeve and legs pyjamas, double machine seams all round. Proper job.

    By the time they were completed – took about 2 terms, I think I wore them a couple of months before I’d outgrown them.

    It’s so much quicker sewing at home!

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