Planning and Sewing a Capsule Wardrobe with MyBodyModel by Kelsey
Kelsey Tedeschi

Using MyBodyModel to Plan a Capsule Wardrobe, by Kelsey

Kelsey shares how she broke out of a creative funk and got her sew-jo back by using her personal croquis templates from MyBodyModel to plan a capsule wardrobe. As this year is winding down, and the outdoor temperatures are getting colder, I’m looking for more reasons to stay indoors, and honestly, drink more coffee. I’m

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Trying on Fall Trends with MyBodyModel, by Sierra
Sewing Planner
Sierra Burrell

Trying on Fall Trends with MyBodyModel, by Sierra

Remember Sierra’s plans for a colorful and classic work wardrobe? She’s back with another fun wardrobe planning post, this time using her new hand-on-hip croquis from MyBodyModel 2.0 to “try on” some of the latest fall style trends! Read on to see what fall trends have caught her eye, and how she plans to incorporate

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Fall Sewing & Knitting Planning with MyBodyModel by Whitney
Knitting Planner
Whitney Franklin

Fall Sewing & Knitting: Planning with MyBodyModel, by Whitney

Remember Whitney’s lovely travel wardrobe plans? She’s back with another inspiring wardrobe planning post, this time using her body model croquis sketch pages for fall sewing & knitting planning. Read on for a peek into Whitney’s cozy and beautiful fall wardrobe plans! If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, you’re hopefully feeling a nip in the

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Paper vs. Digital Fashion Drawing My Creative Process, by Mireille
Mireille Marchand

Paper vs. Digital Fashion Drawing: My Creative Process, by Mireille

Guest blogger Mireille shares how she uses MyBodyModel’s paper vs. digital fashion drawing templates for each step of her creative process – from style exploration, to wardrobe planning, to sewing planning (and even drafting her own patterns)! It all starts with a simple sketch Before starting a project, a sketch is an important step to

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Angelica Pohle

From Sketch to Finished: Angelica’s Fall Sewing Roundup

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to be back to share how my fall sewing queue has been progressing over the last few months. In September, I shared my fall sewing queue with you all, with an outfit for each month sketched on my custom croquis from the MyBodyModel app. It is no lie when people say your

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Pamela Flores

Regaining my Sew-Jo with MyBodyModel, by Pam

I used to sew for my daughters when they were little, but for one reason or another had not sewn in 10 years or more. Now I’m back, I am thrilled to discover the thriving communities of podcasts and online sewing groups! I joined the 52 week sewing challenge Facebook group, which lead me to

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