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MyBodyModel Swimsuit Sketches by Martha @GariChild
Virtual Fitting Room
Martha McIntosh

Sketchbook Chronicles: Swimsuit Edition, by Martha

I don’t know what it is but the idea of sewing a swimsuit just puts a freeze on my entire being.  In my head it’s just another garment that I need and want in my wardrobe.  It’s just like sewing a knit dress or a knit top with some undies… All of which I’ve done

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MyBodyModel Swimwear Sketches by Andie Wells line drawings
Virtual Fitting Room
Andie Wells

Sketchbook Chronicles: Swimsuit Edition, by Andie

3 STEPS TO HAVING A SWIMSUIT BODY:   Step 1: Have a body. Step 2: Put a swimsuit on that body. Step 3: You have a swimsuit body.   I firmly believe that every body is a swimsuit body. Not only that but swimming is for everyone. It is, in my opinion, one of the

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MyBodyModel sketchbook Step 3 by ciara xyerra
Bullet Journals
Ciara Xyerra

Sketchbook Chronicles: Bullet Journal Edition, by Ciara

I backed the MyBodyModel Kickstarter because I love drawing clothes, & I love comparing my sketches to my completed garments. I’ve experimented a lot with my sketches over the years. I’ve tried various sketchbooks with pro forma croquis, including some of the newer releases with more “regular person” proportions. But sewing has taught me that

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